Here in our country we believe in the famous quote “YOUTH ARE THE FUTURE OF OUR NATION” by our national Hero Jose Rizal. By all means of intellect and curiosity, we stop and wonder why was that quote have been written from a century ago where there is nothing or no ore who manage to make that quote comes to life. No institutions, no government or no one takes action to make the Youth a Future of our Nation. Youth is really the future of our nation whether we like it or not, they are the next in line, the next generation of rulers and managers of our country, but we will be sticking on that situation, while there is a need to analyze the true meaning of the quote. Being a future of our nation is not just sitting and waiting for what’s next for our future, we youth have to do something, to be trained for something. Having an education from primary to collegiate and even having a master’s or doctor’s degree does not assures the ticket to become a future of our nation.
Out nation, our country, future is a stake, question is, what future it might be? For the youth who will take over this nation, this country, what future they may offer and what future they may bring to our country? It relay’s into what they have since they were youth. That is why here in our country there are rolling class and lower class. Those youth who becomes the next in line of our leaders are those youth who are member of their family or a part of their family or a part of a rolling system. Like for example: Presidency, in the late 60’s the President of the Philippines is Diosdado Macapagal, followed by the 30 years reign of Ferdinand E. Marcos and Take over by Corazon Aquino the 1st Lady President of the Republic of the Philippines. Those times their son’s and daughter were just a youth. After wards the daughter of Diosdado  Macapagal becomes a President a 9 years reign of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo followed by our current President Benigno S. Aquino the son of the late President Corazon C. Aquino and the son of Ferdinand E. Marcos who is Ferdinand “Bongbong Marcos is a senator who wish to run as President on 2016 Presidential Election. Some of Aquino clan is in Senate and Congress.  Even the National Youth Commission was headed by Benigno “Bam” Aquino now as an elected Senator a cousin of our current President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Do these youth who are now the leaders of our country cared for the youth who are not a member of their family, close relative and their system?


Do they think of beneficial thing to the common interest of the wide population of our youth in our country?


Do they have formal program to take care and concerns for the youth?


The youth in the Philippines are the majority, youth have the 75 – 80% population in our country all of which are divided, scattered, broken, unprecedented, disorganized, exploited, disregarded, taken for granted and dislocated. We should say 99% of youth in the Philippines are victims. Victims of Juvenile Delinquency, Prohibited Drug Addiction and trafficker, Youth Labor, Out of School and Prostitution, even the future youth (Children) are prone in Child Labor, Child Prostitutions and injustice. This is the product of how our leaders, government and officials mould the future of our nation. That is why we can state that quote to be change into “THE RICH AND POWERFUL YOUTH OF THE RULLING SYSTEM ARE THE FUTURE OF OUR NATION” or we get up and do something big to CHANGE the tradition, the rotten tradition we used to live with.

Then KABATAANG DIYUNA COMPREHENSIVE YOUTH ORGANIZATION was born, advocating Truth, Unity, Solidarity, Leadership and True Change.

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