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Introducing SALT and the AIDS Competency Process to Social Workers, Nurses, and VCT Personnel

On 12th May, 2011 the Guyana Competence Team led by Nicole Cole and accompanied by Mr.Lydon Welch and Ms.Marlyn Waterman conducted a one day workshop at the National AIDS Programme Secretariat Head Office. The Participants were diverse with Regions 4, 6, 7, and 10 being represented. Mr. Welch and Ms. Waterman are junior facilitators who are practicing SALT in order to become AIDS Competent Facilitators. The audience was very warm and welcoming to the SALT…


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SALT e Fiera de Partilha de Conhecimentos

Bem, todos devem imaginar a minha… Continue

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SALT visits and Knowledge Fair in Mozambique (Africa)

Well, you all know about my passion with the Community Life Competence Process since I first went into contact with... there are no words to describe it. Always learning and learning form everywhere. I mean, the process teaches us to explore to a maximum possible extent opportunities that surround us with many hints for our own benefit and therefore our social networks (in all different dimensions). For those of you who were with me in the last visit organized in India -…


Added by Joao Arnaldo Vembane on May 13, 2011 at 8:58pm — 7 Comments

Good news story. TRIBE: Introducing a new initiative for youth in UK

It's not every day that I get this excited. But today I heard about something which embodies all the elements of community development that I believe in - and, believe it or not, it is happening right here in my new home of London, UK!



Tribe is a new breed of extra-curricular activity for youth in UK. It will bring together young people in small groups, known as Tribes,…


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Mainstreaming CLCP at UNFPA Indonesia - What a journey!

Dear friends,




I share with you my thesis (attached) which documents and reflects upon the journey of mainstreaming CLCP and SALT at UNFPA in Indonesia. I hope you enjoy reading it.

  • Section one gives an outline of the journey, from the history of CLCP (and ACP) in…

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Community, families, individual can find solution to their issues that affects the way of living, what they only need is accompaniment .

Kenya competence trust host TENWEK organization 2 days for a salt visit in Kithituni  to learn and also share experiences ,As a local team we take them through our time line since 1999 ,we tell what has been the motivation and the challenges along the journey .we become one community on the first day ,we mingle as family ,there is…


Added by ABEDNEGO KITHEKA MUTUNGWA on May 11, 2011 at 5:05pm — 5 Comments

Revolution Sveta

A young hairdresser Sveta from a large family in the Chuvash village (Russia) had to move out from her home village as her neighbors, friends and relatives did not accept the fact that she is HIV positive. She moved to another city, won the title of Miss Positive 2005, got married, born two children, made through the court permission to patronize her younger brother after the death of parents (according to the Russian legislation, HIV-positive people can not adopt or patronize children),…


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Best of luck…Murgesh

[My sincere thanks to Vivek Anand, Ashok Row Kavi and Sridhar of Humsafar Trust for sharing this story. Humsafar Trust (HST) has led the way in developing innovative and effective programs targeting MSM and transgender populations in India. I am very proud of the Humsafar team. Vivek narrates this story. Enjoy! Rituu]

Today: At Humsafar…


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 As yet another round of the calendar comes it is yet another special moment and reminder to all that 7th May 2011 is Word AIDS Orphans Day, a grassroots campaign to draw attention to and advocate on behalf of the more than 16 million children orphaned by AIDS. World AIDS Orphans Day was founded in 2002 by FXB International.

The Legacy Explorers humbly joint the honourable initiative in the most humble manner and voiced our voice, tabled our commitment and appeal to all on behalf of…


Added by irangbui on May 7, 2011 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

Déclarons le Droit Universel au Rêve

« Jean-Louis, rédigeons ensemble la déclaration universelle du droit au rêve ! ». Hakim revient du travail de son groupe lors de l’atelier que la Constellation organise à Casablanca sur le développement de la compétence face au sida.  La question était  simple : «  Nous sommes en 2025. Tout le monde parle de la réussite du Maroc dans la lutte contre le sida. Décrivez en 10 phrases ce que les Marocains font pour réussir ». Hakim est rayonnant. « Cela…


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Donor fatigue is a phenomenon in which people no longer give to charities, although they have donated in the past. There are a number of causes for donor fatigue, including pressure to donate, overstretched budgets, and frustration with mis-managed charities and donation campaigns. Many charities work hard to avoid donor fatigue, since it negatively impacts their collected funds for the year. There are an assortment of ways in which donor fatigue can be avoided by both donors and…


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Barefoot in Church

In the midst of media blitzes such as the current one, I long for something real and human more than ever. The following story from the “Readers Write” section of The Sun Magazine, fit the bill for me yesterday. And I was delighted to come across this poignant personal story from its pages on the experience of being at the receiving end of help. It offers… Continue

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Last week (25-29 April 2011), IndoCompetence and Inspirit worked hand in hand on training for facilitators to materialize a joint project steps on strengthening women's rights (SWR) . Along with comprehensive accompaniment from GIZ, as the donor, 16 participants of The ToF provided IndoCompetence a learning moment on how important we DO BELIEVE salt as ways of thinking and working.

At the first three days, Inspirit elaborated splendidly appreciative inquiry to rise participant's… Continue

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