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Good news story. TRIBE: Introducing a new initiative for youth in UK

It's not every day that I get this excited. But today I heard about something which embodies all the elements of community development that I believe in - and, believe it or not, it is happening right here in my new home of London, UK!



Tribe is a new breed of extra-curricular activity for youth in UK. It will bring together young people in small groups, known as Tribes, to investigate and contribute to their own community. Using creative techniques, these tribes will be given the opportunity to capture and share stories from their community - good things, bad things and even just the interesting! At the end of the programme each tribe will have the opportunity to tell their story.... a chance to open conversations with policy makers, the public, their families and peers and other communities both in UK and around the world.


It is by coincidence that I heard about TRIBE. I happen to share my rented office space with the organisation who are developing it. What luck! Today I was privileged to sit with the team and learn more about their work. To my pleasant surprise there are so many parallels with CLCP and SALT.


For example:

  • The tribes are free to determine their own agenda
  • The direction of the programme will be organic - driven by the TRIBES
  • Anyone can be a TRIBE Leader (training provided)
  • The purpose is to create community conversation
  • Social networking platforms (maybe even NING) will be used to facilitate sharing
  • The organisation (Vanilla), also sees itself as a "starfish" organisation

I shared with them our story - the Constellation, CLCP and SALT. They loved SALT. "That is so relevant!" said the founder of TRIBE. It revealed to me the universality of SALT. It fits anywhere, and is applicable in all contexts. People get it, with minimum explanation, because it sits in most people's hearts anyway.


They appreciated our online network, and how it enables groups across the world to share and learn. I had to admit, I felt pretty proud at that point. It is a great network, and our online community is uniquely strong.


They expressed interest in learning from all of you, and sharing their experience as the programme grows.


What a great discovery! Please check out their websites and let me know if you have any useful insights to share so that I can support this great initiative.


P.s. Don't tell anyone but I am secretly thinking about the potential for some of these tribes and tribe leaders to one day be members of UKCompetence. What do you think?????





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Comment by Laurence Gilliot on May 16, 2011 at 6:13am

Hi Olivia,


I think this is absolutely fantastic. Would they be interested to participate in Community Action Day in september this year?



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