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In response to  those who want to tear us apart let us weave more threads to our social fabric!

I talk with my neighbors

White or black,

Yellow or red,

Rich or poor,

Man or woman,

Old or young,

Beautiful or not,

Gay or straight,

Trans or bi,

Christian or Muslim, Bahai or Hindu, Buddhist or animist, agnostic or atheist,

Country mate or not,

Documented papers or not,

Sick or…


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En réponse à ceux qui veulent nous déchirer. Notre tissu social est mis à mal: retissons nos liens!

Je parle avec mon voisin.

Blanc ou noir,

Jaune ou rouge,

Riche ou pauvre,

Homme ou femme,

Vieux ou jeune,

Beau ou laid,

Homo ou hétéro,

Trans ou bi,

Musulman, chrétien, athée, agnostique, Bahia, yezidi, bouddhiste ou animiste,

Compatriote ou pas,

Avec ou sans papiers,

Bien portant ou…


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SALT help me to be better each day

SALT help me to appreciate people .Working with communities treating them equally ,all like human being is now my Motto. SALT is my sharing net work where I learn a lot from communities .From all my experiences of social work for years SALT change my life and the way to deal with others. it is a huge approach of appreciating and listening others.

SALT help me to be a better leader

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Three nice things that happened this week

SALT was once again showing its power last Saturday. Members of Belcompetence visited Save Belgium. S.A.V.E. stands for the Society Against Violent Extremism. Saliha ben Ali leads the association. Her son died in Syria. Other mothers’ children were also seduced by Daesh. We did not enquire about the details of what happened to each family. Rather, after our introductions as humans, we set up groups of three to share stories of human strength. Later:…


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Maintenir la cohésion sociale entre les jeunes pendant l'insécurité post électorale

Comme vous l'aurez sans doute lu dans le rapport annuel de la Constellation, Burundi Compétence tente de maintenir la cohésion sociale entre les jeunes pendant l'insécurité post électorale.

Jeunes et vieux bénévoles, nous sommes unis dans nos différences d'âge, de sexe, d'opinions politiques, religieuses et autres. Nous avons décidé que malgré les craintes d'un climat sécuritaire et économique qui se dégrade de jour en jour, nous devons agir sur nos vulnérabilités de manière…


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Keep solidarity among youth during post electoral insecurity

As you may have read this in the annual Constellation's report, Burundi Competence tries to keep solidarity among youth. Volunteers young and old, we are united in our differences in age, sex, political opinion, religion,... We decided that despite fears due to the day by day deterioration of the security and economic climate, we should act upon our vulnerabilities in solidarity. When certainly most of our compatriots feel overwhelmed, we feel that it is not the time to give up but to…


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Mon Experience ( being a SALTY WOMEN )

Cette approche a changer beaucoup de chose dans ma vie personelle et professionel. Elle valorise un contact authentique en integrant les dimensions sensorielles, emotives, intellectuelles,sociales et spirituelles .

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Unless they come forward we will not know…..(“-”)

Shaneika (not her real name) from a community that is engaging SALT. She would meet Sandrine occasionally different places. This time there was the opportunity to have a conversation. ‘You know, I appreciate this SALT that YOU do.’ Why?” Sandrine asked “It really made a difference in my life. My Mother-in-law were not on speaking terms…….now we are close friends…..SALT conversation offered us opportunity to talk to each other, while in small groups and that changed…


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Les Amitoyens: the virus starts to spread

In February 2016, our friends from the group of « Amitoyens » in pays de Gex called us again in order to further extend the Amitoyen’s idea through application of CLCP and SALT with more people as their project is about to scale up. After a brief accompaniment of a small group in 2014, the project successfully grown and moved a few steps ahead with administrative issues - owing to the power of SALT. Their enthusiasm allowed them to identify around 60 more families interested…


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Nous sommes Amitoyens!

I am sure you will enjoy this song 

The song tells the story and dream of the Amitoyens, in the Pays de Gex, France.

If you don't understand the French you can stil enjoy the music and voice of Lorenzo…


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‘Ready Pull’ evokes deep

The primary purpose [so there is another purpose!] for the ‘Ready Pull’ is to stimulate cooperation, unity, team effort and this is achieved. Doing this is simple, as follows:

‘Ready Pull’ exercise:  The idea of this exercise was to stimulate a mindset that would relax the participants and make them comfortable to accomplish the intended purpose. An exercise where participants are placed into…


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