The primary purpose [so there is another purpose!] for the ‘Ready Pull’ is to stimulate cooperation, unity, team effort and this is achieved. Doing this is simple, as follows:

‘Ready Pull’ exercise:  The idea of this exercise was to stimulate a mindset that would relax the participants and make them comfortable to accomplish the intended purpose. An exercise where participants are placed into groups and given a piece of paper [large enough for each group member to be able to have a hold on, eg A4]. Each member of the group was required to have a hold on the paper and the Facilitator indicates when they should ALL pull on the paper. This action is done 2-3 times, using the largest piece of paper after tearing it apart from pulling the previous time. Then the BIG REQUEST! Kindly put the pieces back together! Members of each group work to put the pieces together to form the whole piece in the original state. The Facilitator[s] facilitate a discussion on what worked for members of the group putting the pieces together, to ascertain what contributed to the group’s success. While the reasons for the other team not being successful would also highlight some strengths of that group, as well. The MAJOR lesson however is that as a group of human being we can work together as a TEAM.  

However, this ‘Ready Pull’ exercise has a deeper purpose. Now that the COMMUNITY of participants are relaxed and thinking in terms of ‘togetherness’, unity, team, we ask the question


“What did this exercise REALLY mean for you?” [it is good to encourage a moment for reflection before starting the share].


With tears and some comforting by colleagues, here are three experiences:


“I miss my baby daughter! I am enjoying this country and the work I am doing. My Intern has a few more months and I know she is taken care of. I think of her and other family often but doing this exercise today moved me to tears! It caused me to think of them dearly,  am sorry!  Tearing the paper apart is like families being torn apart and it may not be easy to bring back together” Intern LPDT.


“Alcoholism within the family could tear the family apart and because of love, the family works dearly to bring that member back to his / her family so that we can be happy together. This is not always easy. This exercise symbolises that. It may be easy to tear things apart but it is not easy to put back together. Effort is needed but even this may not achieve, how we were before!” Mother of Lalmattie village.


“ I love my son but he is now addicted to drugs and that is hurting us as a family. He is on methadone, but even that is not easy for him and us. Doing this exercise, helps me to understand how broken our family is. We are making effort to bring him back to us but it is hard, like puting back the pieces of paper together.” Mother of families of people of methadone, Group Renaisance de Mahebourgh  

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