Three nice things that happened this week

SALT was once again showing its power last Saturday. Members of Belcompetence visited Save Belgium. S.A.V.E. stands for the Society Against Violent Extremism. Saliha ben Ali leads the association. Her son died in Syria. Other mothers’ children were also seduced by Daesh. We did not enquire about the details of what happened to each family. Rather, after our introductions as humans, we set up groups of three to share stories of human strength. Later: “We are now touching reality”, said Louis Marie. “We did not know each other just minutes ago; now we can feel that love is uniting us” said a mother. We proceeded with drawing our personal dreams for Belgium in thirty years. The meeting inspired us all. We’ll meet again to continue our journey together!

Monday was another high point! Together with Celine who applies CLCP in our village Grez-Doiceau, we responded to the invitation of the mayoral team of Vilvoorde. The team wanted to know more about our proposal to accompany every division of the city in its use of CLCP to stimulate local response. This is a three-year proposal which would culminate in a city wide learning festival and in the development of a refreshed image of the city. The mayoral team was excited! Celine’s testimony was powerful, as she stated that CLCP embolded her to reach our to our neighbors for a wide set of citizen activities. We will proceed as soon as administrative matters are settled.  

Wednesday was exciting too! Marlou, Joke and I responded to the invitation by Actiris, the Brussels employment agency to discuss our proposal for a more participatory practice within the Directorate for Employment Seekers. A good conversation in our view. Constellation is one of four organisations that responded to their call for proposals. Actiris will soon let us know of their selection decision. Stay tuned!

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on March 23, 2016 at 12:24pm

I look forward to your posts on three nice things, JL. I have realised that one needs practice and discipline to pick out three nice things as it is about learning even if the circumstances have been tough.


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