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Doing Nothing

Saturday, December 1.  Whom do I see through the kitchen door window, while I am about to enter my parents’ home? My 95-year-old dad, washing dishes! I was torn between two impulses: one, admiration, as my dad had come back home just two days before, after two months of hospitalization for a post-traumatic subdural hematoma! And the other, anxiety and maybe a bout of anger, as my dad’s family and medical network had told him to only walk around with a helping hand…


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Programs pass; SALT stays!

October 22, Bandung. Pak Sonny takes the floor, visibly moved. In his address to about 70 participants  at the Global Learning Festival (GLF), he explains why he flew all the way from Papua to West Java. “Papua has known many programs to deal with AIDS, he says. They came and went. The one that stayed with us is SALT, because it made us understand what we could do on our own”. I cried. 6 years ago, a change in leadership  had dashed our hopes to support Papua…


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"We are not poor; your mind is poor!"

Phayao, November 2017. “Let us go and support khun Moon,”says our friend Suwat to khun Saowanee, Anu and I. “He has stopped using chemicals on his land and has to deal with a lot of resistance from his fellow villagers.” Moon and his wife welcome us in front of their modest house. Lots of chicken run around among a luxuriant vegetation. In front of the house a fish pond opens the view toward a mountain range.…


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Professor John Rwomushana

When did we meet for the first time, I am not sure. Was it in 1998, when we discussed the impact of HIV on Health Reforms? It does not matter, as I feel that we know each other since and for eternity.

Professor John Rwomushana was instrumental in the development and the validation of the concept of local response to HIV.  UNAIDS knew since 1998 that people in Phayao had stopped the spread of HIV because they had taken ownership of the challenge through collective discussion,…


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Isn't there a shortcut?

“Isn't there a shortcut? ” asks Ranga as with Marlou we visit the beautiful Moluccan Islands in East-Indonesia.

While more and more people in rich countries tend to connect with nature, with people and with self,  in poorer…


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Stories from Phayao

Dear friends 

Suwatland and Suwat has inspired me for 25 years now. Anu and I spent a few days in Suwatland recenty. Anu, who works with me on "Let's Reconnect" took a set of videos which we will share over the next few weeks. Here is what Anu wrote as an intro:

"The home of Suwat is the place where JL wrote “What Makes Us Human?”. In a way it’s very fitting because Suwat really helped JL to understand the AIDS situation in Thailand in the beginning of 2000s. For some…


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Just Love

Dear Constellation Friends



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I trust you


For years I have experienced the power of the trust in others. During a recent bike trip I was on the receiving end of trust. Please read the blog post on the book's website. If you like it, do share it! 


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SALT and the Unexpected

When Arthur and Edward from Health Nest Uganda (HENU) picked me up at my hotel the day after our SALT visit to Katabi (see Ubuntu on the bus) they had exciting news. Both had independently started their day with the yoga exercises I had shared with the Katabi group! This was so encouraging that we repeated these exercises during the next…


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Before the frog boils

March 1, 2017

Do we  Europeans behave like the legendary frog? You know the story: the frog was living in a pond whose water was heating so slowly that it noticed nothing until it died in boiling water. Is our fixation on “the economy” so strong that we pay no attention to the fate of fellow human beings? Are we so mesmerized by the current US excesses that we leave unnoticed the gradual abandonment of our own values? Not long ago, I was proud to belong to Europe, a beacon of human…


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Ubuntu in the bus


The story starts on Monday, February 13, a few minutes after I take this selfie at the Busia border compound.

As we were waiting for the remaining passengers going through immigration, I wanted to board the bus to take a rest. I was denied boarding as some official had to inspect…


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Pour bien commencer l'année

je suis un être humain from Carlos Chapman on Vimeo.

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The Story of our Shared Dream is out!

Dear friends,

Deep inside us, we know it: it is within our powers as global citizens to make life flourish. No one else will do it. The question is how.

“What makes us human?” offers a way forward. The book tells the story of the shared dream of the Constellation, the organisation founded in 2004 to stimulate and connect local responses to AIDS.  Thousands of communities mobilize their strengths to realise their…


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Notre histoire est publiée en anglais!

Chers amis

Le livre “Qu’est-ce qui nous rend humains” est aujourd’hui disponible en anglais. Puis-je vous demander de faire la promotion e “What makes us human?” auprès de vos amis et connaissances anglophones?  

Au fond de nous, nous le savons: en tant que citoyens du monde, il est de notre pouvoir de faire prospérer la vie. Personne d'autre ne le fera à notre place. La question est de savoir comment.

«Qu’est-ce qui nous rend…


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Feu d'artifice ou arbre en fleurs?

Un feu d'artifice évanescent ou un arbre en fleurs? Quelle image utiliser pour représenter le festival d'échange de la semaine dernière à l’Île Maurice? Pour ma part l'arbre en fleur représente mieux le festival parce qu'il portera des fruits. Nous avons quitté le festival heureux et déterminés d'agir différemment sur la base de ce que nous avions appris avec les communautés au cours de la semaine.

Pour moi, le voyage à l'île Maurice a été d'abord un voyage intérieur. Chaque réunion m'a…


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Scaling in for scaling out

Evanescent fireworks or a blossoming tree: which image would best represent last week’s Global Learning Festival in Mauritius? For my part the blossoming tree better represents what happened to us here last week because our festival will bear fruit. We left the festival with happy determination to act differently on the basis of what we had learned with communities over the week.

For me, the travel to Mauritius was a travel within, as each meeting gave me the opportunity to deepen my…


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In response to  those who want to tear us apart let us weave more threads to our social fabric!

I talk with my neighbors

White or black,

Yellow or red,

Rich or poor,

Man or woman,

Old or young,

Beautiful or not,

Gay or straight,

Trans or bi,

Christian or Muslim, Bahai or Hindu, Buddhist or animist, agnostic or atheist,

Country mate or not,

Documented papers or not,

Sick or…


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En réponse à ceux qui veulent nous déchirer. Notre tissu social est mis à mal: retissons nos liens!

Je parle avec mon voisin.

Blanc ou noir,

Jaune ou rouge,

Riche ou pauvre,

Homme ou femme,

Vieux ou jeune,

Beau ou laid,

Homo ou hétéro,

Trans ou bi,

Musulman, chrétien, athée, agnostique, Bahia, yezidi, bouddhiste ou animiste,

Compatriote ou pas,

Avec ou sans papiers,

Bien portant ou…


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Three nice things that happened this week

SALT was once again showing its power last Saturday. Members of Belcompetence visited Save Belgium. S.A.V.E. stands for the Society Against Violent Extremism. Saliha ben Ali leads the association. Her son died in Syria. Other mothers’ children were also seduced by Daesh. We did not enquire about the details of what happened to each family. Rather, after our introductions as humans, we set up groups of three to share stories of human strength. Later:…


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Osons échouer!

Comment l'échec à ONUSIDA mène à la réalisation du rêve à la Constellation!
Oser rêver, reconnaître l'échec et se réorganiser en conséquence...
Merci à Célicia, Claude et Hervé pour vos interventions ce jour-là! On vous voit, mais on n'entend que moi ;)

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