SALT Visit in Northern Thailand: It is over, but it is not.

It is over, but it is not. This meeting ends with a different feeling. Something small happened: each of us changed. That change is the start from something bigger: our change will spread to others. This is how AIDS competence will spread faster than the virus. Keeping the spirit is not easy. This is why this time around we will keep in touch.
I have experienced for myself the power of being appreciated. For the first time, a group told me clearly: “You inspire us”. Your feedback did not send me on another great ego trip; - when I told her about it my wife Andrée was a bit concerned! This trip takes me to the land of modesty. How can I nurture this gift? How can we in the Constellation enable more people to develop as sources of inspiration?
Throughout the week, we have seen the power of appreciating strength. How communities we visited were surprised by the discovery of their own strengths. How each of us blossomed through the week, liberated from the fear of being judged and from the need to judge. Encouraged by the group of being human again, we let nature do its work within ourselves. By alternating interaction and quietness, we gave our mind the space to produce new understanding. And when that new understanding left us confused, the group was there to support us.
Appreciating strength, no matter the circumstances: that is easier said than done! As Antoine Saka Saka from Congo once said, referring –I think- to the Bible: “The old man still sleeps within us”, and the ambient negativity could easily wake him up. We might still return to the delusion that fulfilling need will suffice to solve problems. This is why we will continue to seek each other’s support. I need you and I count on you.

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Comment by Saranya on October 10, 2008 at 11:41am
I totally agreed. The visit is over..but actually it is only the begining of SALT in our real life. :)


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