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Hans Rosling

Hans Rosling was a Swedish physician, academic, statistician, and public speaker. He was the Professor of International Health at Karolinska Institute] and was the co-founder and chairman of the Gapminder Foundation. He held presentations around the world, including several TED Talks in which he promoted the use of data to explore development issues. He died on 7 February 2017. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hans_Rosling



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“Before I was on a high table, now I am in a circle.”

Reflections on our shared dream, "What makes us human?"

Chapter 3: Before I was a radio: now I am a recorder

My title is not metaphorical. Jean-Louis describes a visit to a group of sex workers in Matadi in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Everyone there was expecting another lesson from experts and the seating had been arranged accordingly. Under the shade of a mango tree, a high table was covered with a beautiful sheet and was enhanced with a bouquet of flowers. The chairs…


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La polygamie

Avec SALT nous pouvons change le monde , réduire le taux de mortalité , résoudre différents conflits , combattre la paresse , la famine , l'usage de drogue , la délinquance , la pristitution , ...

Avant que je connaisse SALT , j'avais peur , je n'avais pas confiance en moi , avec beaucoup des rêves mais sans espoir. Lorsque j'ai rencontré Mr ERIC UWINTWAZA ( Racines d'espoir au Burundi) nous avons eu une discussion et tout à coup je me suis senti comme si j'étais quelqu'un de spécial… Continue

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Annual Report 2016 of The Constellation / Rapport annuel 2016 de la Constellation

Here is The Constellation 2016 report!

The theme of the report is: “Community to Community Transfer of Local Response”.

“If communities own the…


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Celebrating the Local Response as an Important Resource for the Community

Celebrating the Local Response as an Important Resource for the Community

– a SALT approach for the transfer of local response

Beyond Social Services, Singapore

December 2016

Our Reflection

Everything has a life span. All groups and their endeavours who wish to remain relevant would do well to picture themselves within a life cycle from inception to closing. Stages in between would be development, maturity and redefining relevance.  We…


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Development story 1- Gender and Development

Gender fight, seeing the future and development: The story of Mazah in Nigeria.

[This story emerged during group work in the Community Development Journal Conference in July 2015 at Edinburgh. The session was flagged off by Jacqueline Shaw and Graham Jeffery’s presentation titled -Between Potential and Reality: negotiating participatory cultural processes towards community emergence

Group members: Oga Steve Abah, Walter Arteaga 
Jo Howard, Erika Lopez Franco and Rituu B…


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Mamas take action in Abomey

The religious orphanage, Saint Enfant Jesus (OSEJ) is located two steps from the local market of Abomey, a town in the Zou region of Benin. At the OSEJ there are 6 care workers, who are called by everyone "les mamans", the mamas.  Maman Pierret, Nicole, Gérard, Vital, Nicole and Colette, have been working at the OSEJ for more than 10 years. Along these years they have took care of…


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SALTY Valentine's Day in Bordeaux

On the Valentine’s day Loli & I had the opportunity to present the SALT/CLCP approach to 20 students in Professional License for International Solidarity, at the University Montaigne, Bordeaux – France. We had one full day to present and discuus the various components of the approach and to carry out a SALT visit to a Sciences Po students’ association (Deka Ewe) active in Togo. The students were very much interested on the practical aspects of the approach and they reacted…


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Ubuntu in the bus



The story starts on Monday, February 13, a few minutes after I take this selfie at the Busia border compound.

As we were waiting for the remaining passengers going through immigration, I wanted to board the bus to take a rest. I was denied boarding as some official had to inspect…


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Global Support Team in 2017: It will be all about Members, Beacons, SALT online and Connections


Like every SALT team, the Constellation’s Global Support Team (GST) made its action plan for the year, focusing on three priority practices that should help us get closer to our joint dream. GST members will be contributing their best towards those actions, and we are inviting all who are interested, to join in. Here is where our focus will be:

We cultivate memberships of people owning the Constellation dream

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Back to the future

We reflect on origins, synergy, and shared growth.

Video by Anu Sieberk

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The essence of the Constellation

This video clip comes from part of a presentation that Jean-Louis gave in Ferney-Voltaire for the launch of the book about the story of our shared dream, 'What makes us human?'

Here is a slightly edited transcript of the video: 

"I want to talk about the essence of what we are trying to do. For this we use the acronym SALT;…


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Reflections on our shared dream, "What makes us human?" (2)

A reflection on Chapter 2 of "What makes us human?"

“How much will you pay us?”

r“You may ask how we find all these wonderful people who are now part of the Constellation. Here is the secret. All of us in the Constellation are ordinary people, but because we refuse to consider money as the main engine that drives us, we have learned to discover our wonderful strengths and nurture them as we learn and grow. We dream of a system in which all of us have the opportunity to use…


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Histoires de succès dans la zone de santé de Tshudi Loto

L’équipe SALT de Sankuru s’est rendue à Tshudi Loto du 16 au 21 janvier 2017. Blog publié au nom de Paul Lokoto.

L’équipe SALT et ses partenaires ont décidé d’enregistrer quelques histoires en vidéo pour confirmer les changements dans les communautés de la zone de santé de TSHUDI LOTO.

1. Dans la communauté d’OTEMA ALANGA, Maman ISABELLE explique : « Mon mari est un grand chasseur. Dans notre famille, nous ne savions pas que lorsque nous ramassons un animal trouvé mort…


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Back to Molenbeek . . .

Back to Molenbeek . . .

. . . This time on a smaller, but certainly not less important scale!

During one of the follow-up meetings on the Molenbeek initiative, there was a new face in the circle:  Karim Azemian, a co-founder of ASBL Repère, an organization that seeks…


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