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Husband and wife re-unite

(This is a story of husband and wife from a village called Bungsand in Nagaland, Northeast India. Uncle Huolai who is a facilitator of Community life Competence Process (CLCP) wrote this story and sent it to me for posting on this network. I am very happy that I can bring in stories from the field. We are very proud of Uncle Houlai or Uncle ACP as he likes to be called.)…


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SALT team brought hope to live

[This story was narrated by a young girl to Houlai, a Communitylife competence facilitator during a SALT visit. He is lovingly called Uncle ACP. He wrote this story and would be happy to hear from the members.]

A girl living in Imbung village in Nagaland, Northeastern part of India had a brother who was HIV positive. He started ART treatment and… Continue

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How a drug user became a Church leader (story shared by Uncle ACP)

[This is the story of Thangkin Gangte from Village New Moava, Nagaland, India.  Uncle Huolai wrote down the story on a piece of paper and gave it to me saying that I must post it on this platform. Uncole Huolai was part of the facilitation team which visited and did SALT visits in Thangkin's village. Uncle Huolai calls himself Uncle ACP]



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What I resist, fate insists…

It has always happened to me. What I have not wanted, I have had to do and then I have become so absorbed in it that I wonder how I never wanted to do it:-). I didn’t want to attend the training on Constellation's AIDS competence and today I am passionately involved in it. When I met my best friend I thought she disliked me and now…!

Similarly in the recently concluded international Knowledge Fair in Karnataka participants had to join one of the four sub-groups. I made up my…


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Invitation for Community visits in South India

Dear Members,

Every community has the capacity to respond to life issues, to envision and to act. Facilitators of the Constellation discover and reveal strengths which communities themselves might not realize, by asking appreciative questions. We call this mode of interaction with communities ‘SALT’: Stimulate, Appreciate, Listen, Learn and Transfer.

The Constellation and India Competence invite you to participate in a week of SALT… Continue

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Would you like to join in for Community Action Day?

Stimulating a movement fuelled by local responses

Community Life Competence is expanding. Communities in a wide range of contexts and locations rely on their strengths and take progress on issues of their concern in their own hands. Can we as Constellation members, facilitators and coaches all over the world make large scale progress and involve even more communities, including our own in this movement fuelled by local responses? To do so we… Continue

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Update from India Competence: June

India Competence is a network of organisations with a strong belief in community strengths and committed to the spread of AIDS Competence Process.The network is characterised by a non-hierarchical structure with a yearly rotating host organization starting with SIAAP and aims to (i) go to scale with the approach, (ii) adapt it to help communities respond to their key issues, (iii) coordinate the facilitation of local responses nationally, and (iv)… Continue

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Touching story of a woman who was on the verge of a suicide

(Yet another story from Uncle Houlai, a village headmaster from Molvum village in Northeast India. A strong ACP advocate he has taken the approach far and wide to several villages. Uncle Houlai gave me a sheet of paper in which he had written this story. Please can you post it for me, he said. I promise to post the stories myself once I get a computer. So here is Uncle Houlai narrating his story.)

There is a…

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How ACP changed the thinking of village headman

(This story is a contribution of Uncle Houlai from Northeast India, produced verbatim to ensure flavour of the story is not lost. Uncle Houlai, a headmaster by profession is a member of the village facilitation team. He has been involved in home visits and seen how these visits have opened doors to greater dialogue and hence, a tremendous change in the thinking and mindset of the community members.)… Continue

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…we were not the experts, they were…, says Joan Hoxsey

(This is a story from Joan Hoxsey on Life competence. She is the Managing Partner of AIC, a global consulting organization dedicated to lifting up Appreciative Inquiry across the world. She is based in Ohio, US. Thanks Joan for sharing this beautiful, inspiring experience. The story reflects my favourite quote- "I can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses. It's all how you look at it." ~ J. Kenfield Morley)

Joan- We have been… Continue

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What is your experience with Truckers on HIV?

The Constellation has embarked on an exciting initiative to connect Indian and Kenyan communities to share their local experiences on truckers through innovative techniques.This will be a pilot to explore and learn more on connecting local responses virtually through multiple modes- stories learned via exchange on aids competence network, SALT visits, video chat and e-discussion.

We began the process by formation of the India-Kenya group wherein some members shared their work… Continue

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On its way to life competence…Mizoram, Northeast India

I went looking for an AIDS competent community but I had a surprise in store - the high degree of competence among Mizos on a range of issues.

Mizos have a strong community feeling which in recent years has been strengthened by organisations like Community Health Action Network (CHAN) and Young Mizo Association (YMA).

I was in Mizoram for an ACP event and what first caught my eye was the presence of a large number of volunteers at the venue. Volunteers in… Continue

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A clinical trial: through the eyes of the community

I recently had an opportunity to view a film about a clinical trial on DVD. The Development of Anti-retroviral therapy (DART) in Africa trial was a six year clinical trial evaluating how to manage anti-retroviral therapy ART in 3,300 patients with advanced HIV or AIDS in Uganda and Zimbabwe. The trial aimed to find out whether the lab-based strategies used to monitor ART to people with HIV infection in resource rich countries were essential in Africa, where around four million people still need… Continue

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Jalukie village scores high on inclusion!

{This is a contribution by Fr Joe Ngamkhuchung of People in Need Foundation, Northeast India. I wish I could convey the joy and pride in his voice when he spoke to me today. Irang, you are doing great. Keep going ! }

If ACP means Community Power, they are already there! Along with the Chairman and the Council members of the Village, were the youth and student leaders, during the SALT visit on 7th August 2009.

Dimapur ACP facilitation team led by Joe… Continue

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"Its not ordinary dust, its a dust of assignment and responsibilities," says Irang after a SALT visit

{ I met Irangbui Zeliangrong from Jalukie, Peren, Nagaland during an ACP learning event. The event was over on 9th May 2009 but the impact it has had is mindblowing. While in Kohima an ACP team has come up, several ACP newcomers have taken it up further. Irang took to ACP like a fish to water. Inspite of connectivity issues, he made an effort to join Ning and continued to write to me to get an update on what was happening. He sent me this piece. Enjoy! }

Irang's enthusiasm… Continue

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"NGOs will come and go but HIV & the Community is here to stay”, says Dr Joyce after her first brush with ACP and then what happened…

[I met this elegant, graceful lady at an ACP learning event in Dimapur last month- Dr Joyce Angami. She is a medical doctor by profession and has vast experience in the field of HIV. Here she shares her experience in the first SALT visit.]

The team went on a SALT visit to Molvom (known as the pineapple Village), which is about 45 minutes drive from Dimapur, Northeast India. It was a hot day but the surroundings were really clean and fresh. The whole community waited for the planned… Continue

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What can a dream do for us?

What can a dream do for us?

(I witnessed the magic of a simple yet powerful tool we use in community life competence process (CLCP), building the dream exercise. Thanks to all my group members who facilitated this SALT visit extremely well.)

A tiny, dusty village in outskirts of Dimapur, Northeastern part of India...the sun beginning to set...this was the setting for a community visit where our team of facilitators met a bunch of young boys and girls. We were all…


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Resolution to introduce ACP among church leaders in a South Indian Province

The following email was sent to me by Jayakar, an ACP champion from Andhra Pradesh in the southern part of India. His passion for ACP is inspiring. Regards, Rituu, Delhi, India

Dear Rituu,


Share an Opportunity (SAO) India is actively implementing the ACP tools in our target area communities and it is showing good results.

On the occasion of WORLD AIDS DAY – December 1st 2008. The SAO India got the privilege of participation in the… Continue

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Meet the ACP champions from India

I am delighted to share that interviews of Jayakar, Father Joe and Prabakar were featured in the Constellation newsletter. Congratulations to Jayakar (SAO, Hyderabad), Father Joe (NEDHIV, Dimapur) and Prabakar (SIAAP, Chennai). This became possible due to the efforts of Laurence whom I owe my sincere thanks to.

Here is a snapshot of Jayakar's interview:

"Everyone has something to share, Everyone has something to learn" I would like to share my experience on AIDS… Continue

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