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At  Global Fund for Children. we have introduced Constellation’s SALT and community life competence process (CLCP) to some NGO partners in India. SALT helps the NGO staff to step back and create space for the children, youth and community to carve their own path based on their strengths. Recently I visited to learn from the communities of two NGOs – Avani (Maharashtra State) and Rural Aid (West Bengal state)

Weaving the common dream- Outsiders tend to offer project activities to communities.  Instead, after SALT visits as  second step of CLCP NGO staff invited the children, youth and community to weave their dream for children and youth in the village. The dreams emerged in the form of songs, text, drama and pictures.

A powerful moment was when we adults listened to the dreams of the children and adolescents- the parents, the community members. The children had given serious thought to their dreams, and the adults listened to every word. The adults got emotional, encouraged the children, and promised full support to help fulfil their dreams. Similarly, on hearing the dreams of the adults in the community the children felt energised, "our dreams are so similar."

My key takeaways

  • When we listen to children and not ask them to do what we desire, it makes them feel important. They feel that their opinions matter, which can raise their self-esteem.
  • Dream can provide a way for the children to explore their own selves and become what they know they can be.
  • When children create their own future, it can fuel purpose and  motivate  them to work harder.
  • They take responsibility of their dreams and prepare them to face the consequences.

Adults as lighthouses   As adults, it is hard to allow the  children to choose for themselves. SALT conversations create a fertile ground and help adults realise the potential in the children. When Adults create a climate in which the children discover their own strengths, it can inspire children to translate their dreams into reality.

Our belief in them can sustain them through self-doubt,” Observes Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, a developmental psychologist. He says that parents should be like lighthouses visible from the shoreline as a stable light but make sure their children don't crash against the rocks, yet allow them to ride the waves even if they get a little choppy sometimes." Shannon from Faith Foundation shared her powerful dream, "my dream is that children in the community realize their dream

Isn’t it the time we adults in communities, NGOs, government,  funding agencies rethink our role in the world. Have we challenged the children to dream big or asked them to follow the path we think is ‘good’ for them?

When my students share their hopes and dreams with me, it makes me realise just how much of a responsibility we have as educators to empower them and encourage them.”

— Justin Leow

 Photos courtesy: Dheeraj, Imran, Shannon

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