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Preparatory Day- Learning Event in Ektarinaburg

A meeting of Facilitators: Natasha, Elena, Sveta, Sveta, Galina, , MariJo, Rituu and translators- Valerie, Masha and Sergey




More about the event

Four people from four cities (Ekaterinaburg, Irkutsk, Osenburg, Chelyabinsk) would be attending the Knowledge Fair at  Ekaterinaburg 12th and 13th March 2012. We will encourage those who work with communities to stay on for the learning event 14th and 15th March. The last two days (16th and 17th March) will be for planning on how to take CLCP  forward in Russia. One of the main participating organizations is Red Cross  from Irkutusk which has a very strong presence in that city. The second day will have a SALT visits with peer educators, Church, Young people, families in crisis with staff.


Some key facilitation points we planned for this event:

After introductions we will ask participants to share their feelings


A session on is HIV an issue?- We will use this session to show that inspite of all the services and programme HIV continues to spread.  


Present SALT in a new way- Divide participants into groups and share how they have addressed challenges, group members will identify their strengths. In the plenary will bring out elements of SALT and also use stories to explain SALT. We also discussed the challenge of using the the word SALT for non-English speakers like Russians and Spanish.


We must have a session on what we mean by Community- Natasha and MariJo to get perspectives from their countries


We must give a reason why we are doing each tool like AAR, dream building and what is the tool’s significance


Dream building

First step individuals to compile personal dreams, and then we ask them how HIV can threaten their dreams and second step then into groups according to cities with focus on HIV in their dream


Questions for AAR

  1. What did we learn from the people (community) we met?
  2. What strengths did we see?
  3. What went well?
  4. How did we act as a SALT team?
  5. What will we do better next time?

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Comment by Olivia Munoru on March 12, 2012 at 9:34am

Great plan. Love the session on what it means to be a community. Thanks for sharing - this is an excellent way for us all to become better faclilitators!

Comment by MANIRAKIZA FABIEN on March 11, 2012 at 10:33pm

Thanks for the posting

It's really wonderful to see the richness of the planning

Keep us updated on the event

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