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Here is the dream from India competence Skype meeting held on  19th January 2012

Participants: Anthony, Indumathi, M L Prabakar, Mukesh Bhachawat, Prabhakar Sinha, Vicky, Rituu B  Nanda

Could not join due to connectivity and other issues- Bobby Ramakant, Sanghamitra, Hanumesh, Susan and Rafique but contributed virtually.


What drew us to India competence? 

Participants felt that top- to-down approach is not working in the development sector. Therefore, its important to join forces to strengthen our voice and transfer community based approaches in development interventions.

“Global Learning Festival strengthened this conviction...The dreams are so energizing and I am sure we will make it happen.”M L Prabakar

“ I am happy that India competence which was a small group is now growing” – Indu .“ I am a big fan of community life competence now”- Prabhakar Sinha.

“We have many stories to share about community life competence” –Anthony

“I work as a public health specialist and need to work more closely with the community. CLCP and SALT visit would definitely add to our enthusiasm in life. Dr Bachawat.

“I am very happy to be with you” Vicky “

“Being with this group is very inspiring as all practise SALT in their life” – Rituu B Nanda

And honestly, I am not attempting to talk high. I believe that with such inspired and charged spirits, it is possible.”- Susan Koshy

We will try and make it a reality: Sanghamitra

Hope India competence will ride on the new found energy and enthusiasm to reach new areas through SALT visits, and in the competence front break out beyond our wildest unimaginable dreams”- Rafique


Dream for India competence

Where do we see ourselves in the year 2020? 

Our dream is that by the year 2020 community life competence approach has spread all over India- geographically in all parts of India, at least in five thematic areas, and among different professionals working at various levels. We will work towards scaling up the approach especially in North India. We see India Competence as a key facilitator in communities emerging as self-motivated and self-helped groups, with their own success stories to share with the global communities at every Global Learning Festival and Constellation Meet.


When I refer to communities, I mean more than those at village and specially identified ones. I feel that the community of city-dwellers that live in their cocooned jet-paced life style, need to be sensitised about community living and Community Life Competence, instead of nuclear family competence, that is threateningly prevalent.


We involve every state and work at village level on different issues like education, local governance etc. More and more people continue to get in involved in community life competence process. By 2020, government has become a strong supporter and an active partner in our work. We conduct regular SALT visits with each other to learn and share with each other and transfer what we have learned back to our community. We apply SALT not only in our work but also in our personal life and with each other in India competence team. We learn and share from other country teams who apply community life competence. We have effective ways of measuring the impact of community life competence process. We will be documenting our work and sharing it with friends all over the world.


Next steps

  • We try to do as many SALT visits with each other as possible; if we are visiting a place, we can plan a SALT visit in that area with two-three local teams. We can keep each other informed if we are travelling
  • Facilitation team will meet on skype to plan and discuss first Saturday of the month from 11am to 12 pm . Rest of the Saturdays from 11am to 12pm except whoever is free can come on skype for sharing and virtual exchange.
  • We will facilitate virtual cross sharing between communities- M L Prabakar offered to be the focal point
  • Prabhakar Sinha will take the lead in application of community life competence in North India
  • Encourage communities to share on Constellation’s online community in their native language
  • Prepare a write up about India competence ( Everyone to send a note to Rituu about their work with communities and Rituu to compile)
  • Compile a repository of organisations to approach (Rituu will set up a google excel sheet to which everyone can contribute)

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Comment by Dr. E. Mohamed Rafique on April 3, 2023 at 5:10am

Dear Rituu, 

It is time we took this dream up, and start afresh. Why not?

At the worst, it will only be a second try! And that is better than Robert Bruce!

Comment by Beena George on February 23, 2013 at 5:58am

Wonderful dream!! All the best Rituu..Please let me know if there is any thing happening at this side of the country..

Comment by Hergesell on February 23, 2013 at 2:38am
Genial Rituu.

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