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Village Molvum transfers ACP to Village Maova

In March this year I facilitated a discussion on transfer and care linked to change during the evaluation of UNAIDS-funded ACP project in Northeast India. I am posting two short stories shared by my group members- Jacinta, Bijoya, Sangi, Themnu, and Nemboi. The first story is on how the approach was transferred to another village and the… Continue

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The boundless resources in the community

Communities have the strength, the commitment and the resources to make an effective HIV responses. Communities can mobilize not just material resources, they can also give the invaluable resource of their time, and their concern for the affected people.

In a village in Koppal district, Rajamma, was a HIV positive woman, living in poverty. With the assistance of a developmental initiative, she had been able to put up a temporary structure covered by some sheets, for living, but her… Continue

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Setting up a Competence team in school

The Competence facilitators trained the secondary school teachers with intention to be extended. The teachers that were trained as Competence facilitators went back to their school and self-assessed their pupils.…


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AIDS Action Committee : Demonstrating community involvement in HIV response

We have in the past shared about the role of AIDS Action Committees, an informal group of people, mostly opinion leaders of the community (political or religious leaders, writers, teachers, social activists etc), who encourage, and initiate community actions. Specially, they act as an effective stigma redressal body, from within the community, who by setting up their own examples of…


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Bonjour aux amis de la Constellation

Chers amis,

Je suis content de vous avoir rejoints, et vous invite à voir ma courte vidéo


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Apprécier les forces d'autrui, la voie de l'espoir

« Moi, je suis un gangster. La police me connaît. Jusque là, mon boulot c’était de braquer des banques et de violer les filles. Maintenant, je me rends compte que ma vie est plus importante que cela »- C’est Kasure qui parle. Il habite à Goroka, en Papouasie Nouvelle Guinée. Maintenant, il rend visite aux personnes malades du Sida, et encourage les jeunes à prendre leurs responsabilités face au VIH. On lui demande : « Qu’est-ce qui a provoqué ce changement ? » « Pendant 20 ans des ONG sont… Continue

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The Mainstreaming Division of Kerala State AIDS Control Society has started mainstreaming initiatives with the Social Welfare Department, Government of Kerala. This is the first Department selected by KSACS to mainstream HIV/AIDS interventions with the regular and ongoing…


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Would you like to join in for Community Action Day?

Stimulating a movement fuelled by local responses

Community Life Competence is expanding. Communities in a wide range of contexts and locations rely on their strengths and take progress on issues of their concern in their own hands. Can we as Constellation members, facilitators and coaches all over the world make large scale progress and involve even more communities, including our own in this movement fuelled by local responses? To do so we… Continue

Added by Rituu B. Nanda on July 27, 2010 at 6:00pm — 22 Comments

a self report of a sixty year old community-based resource person from Sri Lanka

Mrs. Leelawathie, a sixty year old woman from Manajjawa, Sri Lanka explains how she got involved in health promotion activities and the changes in her life after that.

I had only been educated up to 4th…


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please visit and read our "Story of Change".

Hi everyone. I'm Jay a volunteer Peer Educator in our community and also a Secretary General of our youth organization. I post here because i want you to invite to visit and read some story of change of my co-PE. Here our website http://pamaq.shutterfly.com/#%3aemid%3dsite_weeklydigest%26cid%3dSHARE3SXXXX there are also our pictures of our activity in community. Thanks a Lot.

Added by Jay Arian Cruz Caparida on July 26, 2010 at 8:13pm — 4 Comments

After Activity Reflection (AAR): Do it know or you becominmg not saltly at all!

This is another learning of being saltly person from SALT visit activity. It's little bit painfull actually, but I really want to share this.

To be honest with you all, I m trying to understanding and enjoying AAR activity. Up until last two facilitations I made I was still not understand what can I learn as a person and a facilitator from this AAR activity. This was then revealed at an accident. I heared from a participant of salt visit I facilitated that I did conduct…


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Fathers group becomes very supporting when equipped with sufficient knowledge and understanding

"This is an experience sharing from SALT Visit on Reproductive Health (RH) Competence at Manonjaya Sub-district in Tasikmalaya - West Java Indonesia (November 2009). This's about inspiring inclusion from groups of fathers that was dominated SALT visit. Along with the process they are becoming very supporting group when they were equiped with sufficient knowledge on Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) issues and better understanding on SALT as ways of thinking and working. Initially they came… Continue

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Un message pour les 20,000 participants à la Conférence de Vienne

En route vers les communautés de la région de Sikasso au Mali, voici ce que j'aimerais transmettre aux participants de la Conférence de Vienne sur le SIDA

«L'expérience nous dit ceci:

Chaque communauté a la…

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A message for the 20000 participants to the Vienna Conference (Version FR le 22/7)

On my way to meet communities of the Sikasso region in Mali, here is what I would love to convey to the participants of the Vienna Conference.…


Added by Jean-Louis Lamboray on July 21, 2010 at 4:30pm — 6 Comments

Share your experience on Mobilising Resources

We are about to embark on collecting a knowledge asset on the practice of Mobilising Resources.

I believe each of you has had, or knows of, an experience where a community has been able to mobilise resources (their own and/or others) to achieve something remarkable. Tell us about that and your role in it. What is the one main message the story makes? Try sharing the experience out loud to a friend or colleague before writing it down. Please add it as a blog on…

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It is obvious from the past that faith based organizations (FBO) have great significance in the development sector, especially in public health promotion programmes as they can play an expanded role in…


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Overcoming Pseudo-participation in mobilising the general people in Health and development activities

Dear Friends,

Now I am now working with new target groups and new approach (social mobilization or developing village based comittees). So I had learned many experiences from them and I'd tried to apply for these experience to PLHA (Peole Living with HIV/AIDS) self help groups like income generation, group forming, their ownvalues. 1 of my difficulty is pseudo-participation in related groups. So I'd tried to reduce…


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The Dreams Come Through: How UNFPA Indonesia Mainstreaming CLCP into 8th Country Programme

On July 7 – 9, 2010, for the first time after 2 weeks of IndoCompetence legally established, together with Constellation, I, Gaston, Dewi, Wiwin and UNFPA team (Retha, Lily, Salmiyati, Widad, Ady and Olivia) facilitated the Learning Event of Integrating CLCP into UNFPA Indonesia 8th Country Programme…


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Increased access to (information about ) blood !!!!

In a novel initiative in Gujarat, SMS service for knowing about availability of blood in any part of the state was inaugurated by the Health Minister Mr.Jaynarayanbhai Vyas in…


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Ozia chose hope over fear.

Ozia has been at the Hope for Life Centre since late 2009 and has strong opinions on the issue of ‘knowing your status’ and being positive and optimistic about his own HIV status. He arrived in South Africa to find employment as a migrant worker from the agricultural Midlands in politically troubled Zimbabwe.…


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