After Activity Reflection (AAR): Do it know or you becominmg not saltly at all!

This is another learning of being saltly person from SALT visit activity. It's little bit painfull actually, but I really want to share this.

To be honest with you all, I m trying to understanding and enjoying AAR activity. Up until last two facilitations I made I was still not understand what can I learn as a person and a facilitator from this AAR activity. This was then revealed at an accident. I heared from a participant of salt visit I facilitated that I did conduct unsalty. I was confirming this to another facillaltors who were at the same facilitation. I was little bit compelling them to make them speak up and conform the information about my attitude at the visit. Other two facilitators conformed it. Yes, I did unsalty reaction toward unexpected responses of participants. Then I ask them, why did you not tell me directly about this. They said: we did not do AAR so we were'nt feel free to share the process, to tell me what went wrong and what would be improvement of our facilitattion. They were afraid that I will get angry. AHHHAAA...that's ring the bell. We missed doing AAR at the last day. Then I try to think back and my two facilitator collegues gave me some input. Then I fixed it at my mind and believe. It is AAR that simply a media in which all facilitators could talk and discuss all about how a facilitation went well and wrong freely. This is AAR that allow every facilitators not only partipants's strength but also tehir own performance during the facilitation. This is AAR that enabling facilitator replann activity and adjusting flow of facilitation process by sure by learning from what was happened and wasn't happenned, what went right or went wrong from a facilitated visit/evet.

I come to my own learning and conclusion that AAR is a wonderfull media, in which every body feel free to support one and another for better facilitation in term of a person and of a team.

Realizing AAR's potencial power for a facilitator learning to be alert learner, I just can't wait to conduct another visit and facilitation , and let me blend at AAR activity with new spirit and understanding. AAR is not merely mechanism at SALT visit that sould be conducted at such a visit, simply this is suct a wrap up session that enabling me design new learning and improvement at better facilitation and to be more salty person.

I feel happy now....:)

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Comment by Gaston on July 27, 2010 at 8:00am
A wonderful illustration why AAR is so important, even if it only takes 15 minutes. Combine a group of facilitators that are open to learn and regular AAR and your skills and attitudes as facilitators will improve drastically.


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