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Compétence au milieu du personnel médical dans un centre de santé

Ce matin, le centre de santé sis dans un quartier de Macenta, Bowa. Il a été question de travailler avec le personnel médical du centre très fréquenté par des femmes car c'est la ou il y a une maternité appréciée avec des sages femmes compétences. Après la formulation des rêves les jours passés, nous avons attaqué aujourd'hui la deuxième étape:L'autoévaluation.…


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: Older people too have fundamental right to live in safer, secure and healthier environment.

It is not difficult to see an older person smiling given what you are offering to that person is genuine and originates from the bottom of your heart. Take a look at Norah aged 80 years old, a resident of Sitabaale village in Busukuma Sub County with a promising smile on seeing Community Hive Organization (CHO) team, university students and school pupils building and handed over a drying rake to her. She did not have where to put her utensils after wash. She also had…


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Compétences face à la maladie à virus Ebola au milieu du personnel médical de l'Hôpital préfectoral de Macenta/ Guinée

En Guinée comme ailleurs, partout ou l'Ebola a fait son ouragan, le personnel médical paye lourdement le prix. Dans l'optique d'arrêter l'infection du personnel médical à Macenta, l'initiative a été de développer des compétences  leur permettant de s'approprier de la situation en vue que les comportements utiles de prévention font partir en partie intégrante de leur vie de tous les jours.

Les entretiens se font juste après la réunion du staff, on continue pour 30 minutes chaque matin…


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SALT builds cross-generational relationships among older & younger women

Mid afternoon sun shines bright as we pass by a garden to Agnes house.  She is the secretary of older persons group in Kabaale, a suburb community of Entebbe, Uganda. What surprises us is that out of about 13 women there are three women who are much younger- two in their late thirties and one is 16 years old Paulina. Multiple generations coming together in meeting convened by older women is common in this community. When people are raised in different time periods, their thinking can be…


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Community life competence has made my work easy as a counselor

I work as a counselor on different projects related to HIV, reproductive health, drugs and substance abuse with the young persons and key populations.

Before I started using SALT our approach was to give solutions to these people we used to work with, counsel them how to live their life better. And give them guidelines how to do everything. This was not very effective in helping them to change their behavior because the solutions were ours and which they could not apply in their life.…


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Qu'est ce que j'ai appris

Qu'est ce que j'ai appris

“La gestion du tri selectif m'intéresse.J’ai souhaité mettre en place dans ma structure un tri des déchêts éfficace en installant dans la cuisine deux poubelles différentes.Durant la formation, la question de la du tri selectif a été abordée. J’ai manifesté le fait que parfois ces petites actions faisables ne fonctionne pas dans les équipes de travail et j’ai évoqué la situation. Une de mes collègues m’a fait remarqué que je n’avais consulté personne sur le…


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Where we are in terms of documentation of our work with the communities?


We conducted this exercise with about 20 community members, NGO staff and government officers in a meeting in Entebbe, Uganda on 22nd April 2015. The objective was to capture where we are in terms of documentation of our work so that we can improve and realize our dream of systematic documentation. It will help us to measure our progress effectively and also share and exchange amongst us and with the larger Constellation community.




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Just being human.....................

“I did not know what to expect…….I have not been with this group of women since last year. I like SALT even though I was not trained as a Facilitator. When the team of Facilitators indicated that the women of Lallmattie offered a good opportunity for doing SALT, I willingly agreed. Today’s experience helped me to appreciate SALT, more and I know I made the right decision. My hope is that we can continue doing SALT with the ladies of Lallmattie” Annabelle, the Facilitator of Etoile…


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Les Amitoyens celebrate progress: "Since we defined our dream it became a living reality"

“We are most proud of our perseverance”, the joy is on the faces of all Amitoyens and contagiously clears up all in the room.  A group of participants in a SALT weekend in the east of France is absorbing their story with eagerness. Ears wide open.

They’d better be proud!

The dream that started in them as individuals and in their families years ago is a big step further to reality today – thanks to their perseverance!

'Amitoyens’ dream is to live in co-housing with a…


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