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: Older people too have fundamental right to live in safer, secure and healthier environment.

It is not difficult to see an older person smiling given what you are offering to that person is genuine and originates from the bottom of your heart. Take a look at Norah aged 80 years old, a resident of Sitabaale village in Busukuma Sub County with a promising smile on seeing Community Hive Organization (CHO) team, university students and school pupils building and handed over a drying rake to her. She did not have where to put her utensils after wash. She also had unwashed clothes but when the team visited her, what she regarded as a challenge brought about the expression of happiness on her face.

This means that older persons also deserve to live in a safer, secure and conductive health environment just like any other categories of people in the world. It is not their wish that they should be the way they are but it is nature that you have to grow with its consequences.

Whether we like it or not it is the way God designed it. We have three stages in life; that is child stage, youthful stage and adult (old) stage. If you do not die when you are young, there are no excuses that you will not die when you grow old. This is how God made a human being to be. Now the issue is not about when we should die but the issue is what have we done for our older persons and the communities we live in that will make us die peacefully? I think we, the youth need to append ourselves to this question and also reflect on where we are coming from and the kind of people that need our voluntary services.  Everyone was born with a purpose and that purpose must be fruitfully exhibited.

 All in all CLCP approach is an automatic answer. Should I tell you the secret behind CLCP and Easy Care? This approach together with the tool facilitates the community members to revive their traditional values and norms. Working together, sharing responsibilities and visiting one another were keys in maintaining peace and harmony in the African Traditional Society and the world in general. However all these have been eroded away.

I personally learnt that older persons are dictionaries that should be near us (young people) and use them as references and also turn their knowledge into productive ventures that best respond to community needs.

 It is my wish that present communities apply the CLCP concept in their social, economic and political agendas to bring about equal services access and utilization. Equal utilization of community resources brings about equal satisfaction among the local people. Through the SALT visits, I also learnt that CLCP approach is close to bottom- up approach. In other words, CLCP allows the native people to think globally and act locally or act within their reach.

 I am much convinced that to realize greater impacts in scaling up the CLCP and EASY Care concepts in our communities we need to reawake the habit of proactive partnership and collaboration. There 3 key issues to note in the CLCP application;

  • Too much theory is proven not to fit in this globalization era.
  • Reinforcing community actions is important because it results into sustainability of the community responses.
  • It is not a point until it is shared and applied and for the betterment of our societies. 


  • Prepared by: Nsubuga Godfrey
  • Position: Founder

                   Tel: +256752991319

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