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“I did not know what to expect…….I have not been with this group of women since last year. I like SALT even though I was not trained as a Facilitator. When the team of Facilitators indicated that the women of Lallmattie offered a good opportunity for doing SALT, I willingly agreed. Today’s experience helped me to appreciate SALT, more and I know I made the right decision. My hope is that we can continue doing SALT with the ladies of Lallmattie” Annabelle, the Facilitator of Etoile d’Espearance. The ladies themselves expressed appreciation for what transpired during the three exercises and one hour. The experienced caused deep internalized thinking and was different from any training they experienced before. “We learn a lot in this short period.” “The lessons from the ‘paper pull’ had real meaning for me” said one woman. One piece of paper was misplaced and the group frantically looked for it. The learning was that like the piece of paper was important to complete the assignment, every person of a community is important. Another said that “when families are torn apart due to alcohol or drugs or anything, the families want that person to come back to the family and they are willing to provide the needed support. “our families are not perfect but we are happy to be together.”

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on April 22, 2015 at 11:26pm

For me the key message in your story is - as every one in the family is important, similarly everyone in the community should be valued. Thank you! 


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