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Evaluation of SALT-CLCP for diabetes and hypertension management in India

The attached Abridged HealthRise project report summarizes the main results of the recent evaluation of the SALT-CLCP interventions for Non-Communicable Diseases (Diabetes & Hypertension) carried out in Udaipur and Shimla (India). 210325-HealthRise%20RICPHI%204-pager.pdf

We are particularly happy to…


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SALT meeting: Women Café visits Syrian artist and musician

Women Café in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is using SALT-CLCP in their activities. Their dream is to "contribute to a beautiful and healthy world". One of the current actions is developing an international Women Choir. In an effort to learn from others, Ghalia and Zohra, recently brought a SALT visit to a Syrian musician. 
Read the report (in Dutch)  by Ghalia…

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The Journey of a Dream

‘Waste Time’ tells how the people of Saparua in Eastern Indonesia are finding solutions to the problem of plastic.

In The Constellation, we describe the SALT/CLCP process as a series of steps moving in sequence. With the first step, the community comes together in response to a specific challenge. The community then works to define a shared dream around that challenge.…


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CLCP is harvesting its fruits in Philippines

I work with The Department of Science and Technology (DOST)  in Philippines.

I conducted CLCP in picturesque Higatangan Island in Biliran province in the year 2017. The potable water was the priority dream of the community. They made an action plan and sourced out help from the DOST, Biliran Province State University and Local Government Unit of Naval, Biliran. 

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) will launch on March 4 the potable water purification project in…


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The SALT Journey continues

Yesterday, in our wonderful group of SALT travellers, we started on Dream Building. The thoughts and sharing was mind blowing and here is my AER on it. Love and gratitude to Rituu, Kausar Apa and Ame for the wonderful session which was taken to another level because of the presence of Laura Simms and MariJo. Most of all, this goes to my fellow SALT travellers, I am.. because of you all…


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The Power and the Usefulness of the Dream

The Constellation and Visual Development have produced a series of six short films that present different stories of community change. Each episode tells the story of one community with both the beautiful and painful aspects that sit at the heart of community change.

‘Dancing Jajas’ tells how older persons in Entebbe, Uganda are using their talents and experiences to live their lives with dignity.…


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Everyone is a leader in SALT approach

This is a blog written by my colleague Arun and me for our work as SALT facilitators under HealthRise project. We work with Mamata- HIMC and this work was done under HealthRise project to engage people and communities to respond to diabetes and hypertension

Village Chowki, Block Sunni, District Shimla, Himachal Pradesh (India)

When we started doing SALT visits in the village, health worker called ASHA in India- Ms. Bala Devi- got  motivated to do…


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The Importance of being Earnest

"To be natural is such a very difficult pose to keep up." ~Oscar Wilde

The participatory approach to development and evaluation is rooted in the belief that people are capable of thinking and developing on their own and have the potential to bring about change. It constantly reminds organizations that communities work better towards their development when they have a sense…


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PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal) and SALT: A perspective into participation

PRA or the participatory rural appraisal is a technique deployed by people especially those working with development agencies, Non-Government organizations or education practitioners to incorporate viewpoints of the rural communities that they choose to work with. It is often seen that we have inherent biases when we incorporate pointers regarding issues of their concern besides lack of knowledge on the particular arena and no one better than the recipient themselves to talk of the same. The…


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SALT Approach: Through Collective Emotion to Collective Ownership

“Collective action remains the best way of renewing the march towards the great trinity of liberty, equality, and solidarity.”

-Guy Standing

The SALT approach is a mental attitudinal technique applied for the participatory evaluation process which helps in defining the collective consciousness for the necessary collective action.

My SALT experience started when I got the chance to closely observe the self-evaluation process of…


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'Reflect and Learn'

The Match of Our Lives’ tells how football training makes a group of young footballers in Mauritius fit for life The Match of Our Lives. The story follows a group of boys who come together to form a football team.

The content begins at 33 minutes and 50 seconds on the film (on the link above). A clip of this part of the film is shown on the link below. …


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'As You Open Your Eyes'; a series of films

The Constellation and Visual Development have produced a series of five short films that present different stories of community change. Each episode tells the story of one community with both the beautiful and painful aspects that sit at the heart of community change.

‘One of…


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The Role Of Community In Shaping The Mental Health Of Young People

Hello all, Here's a new episode of our How To Build Community show which you might be interested in...

10-20% of young people globally experience mental health conditions of some kind. But the majority do not seek help or receive support. In this episode we ask how can a community support the mental health of its young people? Expert guests join us from around the world to help us find answers.…


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