January 2018 stories (11)

Attack to the Kurdish community and People’s Protection Units (YPG), a self-organised movement that could be an example of SALT approach towards community dream and local response.

I would like to share with all of you, The Constellation, my concern and sadness on the impunity on Turkey’s offensive against a Kurdish enclave in northern Syria. Up to 24 civilians have been killed and an estimated 5,000 displaced in the first three days.…


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Sur la visite d'appréciation des communautés de Korohouon, Baala et Naapa dans le cadre du suivi des plans d'action faisables du projet régional confiance dans Diécké/Guinée Conakry

Bulletin spécial

Sur la visite d'appréciation des communautés de Korohouon, Baala et Naapa dans le cadre du suivi des plans d'action faisables du projet régional confiance à Diécké


Deux actions majeures ont été accomplies dans le plan d'actions faisables de la communauté de Korohouon:

  1. Un terrain déjà acquit avec quelques tas de sable et gravier pour la construction d'un poste de santé. L'acquisition du…

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On-line SALT course Module 2, Exercise 2: A space of trust

If I’m comfortable with the idea that we need to create and hold a space of trust? O yeah, of course!

My experience of being part of a group where no space of trust did exist: I felt alone; I was able to achieve acceptable results but I didn’t florish; everybody was working on his/her own; there was no synergy; sometimes I felt we were enemies.

When there is trust within a group, the result is far more than the sum of its parts; being and working together is fun, gives…


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On-line SALT course. Module 1, exercise 1: reflection on Amber's story

Module 1, Exercise 1: Reflection on Amber’s story

For me Amber’s story is a reflection of me feeling uncomfortable, not at ease and shy when I read about history at school: I never understood why people (or countries) would do (e.g.) missionary work. Already as a kid it made me angry. I didn’t use the words I can use now: for me it felt so disrespectful to impose something on others. And of course, I don’t know anything about how the missionaries acted and how they were received. I…


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stimulating ownership-in-action

For me the S for Stimulating in SALT reminds me of Appreciative Inquiry (AI): what (behavior, routine, way of working) is already going well (even if it happens irregularily or not so often), and how can we stimulate its occurrence to spread or increase?

A few days ago Ayan (former refugee from Somalia) and I were visiting a community of single men that live together temporarily in a housing facility that the local government provided for them, while waiting for their new, individual…


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Stories from Phayao

Dear friends 

Suwatland and Suwat has inspired me for 25 years now. Anu and I spent a few days in Suwatland recenty. Anu, who works with me on "Let's Reconnect" took a set of videos which we will share over the next few weeks. Here is what Anu wrote as an intro:

"The home of Suwat is the place where JL wrote “What Makes Us Human?”. In a way it’s very fitting because Suwat really helped JL to understand the AIDS situation in Thailand in the beginning of 2000s. For some…


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When people tell stories in a right environment, it is not bragging. It is empowerment!

Siobhan Marsh, a young professional from Generate Worldwide and based in Melbourne was visiting India with her students. She invited me to speak to her students on – how can young people engage mindfully in community building and development. For me this was a SALT visit to the group of youth about 16-18 years of age. I was not the expert. What could I do to learn from them and they could learn from each other?…


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Before the start of SALT process in this community ( Village Kanara Beel, Bongaigaon - Assam/India) people's thinking was that immunization was for the benefits of the govt people's as it is their job in the related field and they used to get paid for it. But after the start of SALT in the community now the peoples are aware that this are for the benefits of themselves and…


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Self-assessment in large groups

Dear community, some time ago I posted my ideas about facilitating CLCP in really large groups. These were some of my experiences which might be helpful if you face that challenge: 

If you have 200 participants, I would aim to get at least 5 facilitators. 10 is even better.

- Brief well together the day before the event with these people. Prepare the room for both plenary (in a circle) as well as 5 or more groups with sufficient A4 paper, markers, flipchart…


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Just Love

Dear Constellation Friends


As certain as every morning’s sunrise

is our…


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Community designs its own reminder

In current times, we use technology to remind us - our phones, google calendar and so on. In our project on immunization in Assam in a tiny village, people wanted to remember the date of next vaccination schedule of their babies. What did they do? Read on...

In Village Silamahikhati (Kamrup Rural) where facilitator VHAA- Deepak Nath…


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