Attack to the Kurdish community and People’s Protection Units (YPG), a self-organised movement that could be an example of SALT approach towards community dream and local response.

I would like to share with all of you, The Constellation, my concern and sadness on the impunity on Turkey’s offensive against a Kurdish enclave in northern Syria. Up to 24 civilians have been killed and an estimated 5,000 displaced in the first three days.

 I am sad and confronted as human being with all the horror, and also reflecting on how the real politics /factual power can brutality respond to self-organisation, and local responses from community.

“The Kurdish Project” in Syria (organised through People’s protection units (YPG) and PKK) has been able to develop and normalise a communitarian social system, liberating the territory from the logic of the state and capital. Making their dream a reality, fighting for it, in order to live with the logic of believing on community strengths and love, the strength of the willingness to make a more peaceful and equilibrate world.

Is this not SALT?

My reflection is: Are SALT’s principles when unfold in practice, when creating a Local response, creating ownership process to believe in people’s capacities to construct their future and dreams, be threatening to the power dynamics in place and considered a danger to status quo, that need to be annihilated?

Through PKK, and YPG, Kurds have been self-defending their dreams and also fighting ISIS. Through popular militias, where diverse religion, and gender and cultures can join, lots of people have lost there lives to construct a liberated territory where to build their dream.

With the democratic confederatioanlism, they have created a “local response”, and they are working decades on it with the background of a millenary culture, that bring a cosmovision/ world view that supports communitarian strengths’ so that they can be out of the influence of the siren calls of the global dynamics of economic interests.

In this website you can find Strengths’ stories coming from personal experiences, like this one explaining how syrias-arab-kurdish women join forces to fight for future:


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