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Differently abled at the Leonard Cheshire Home

There are two homes in Mauritius, one for the elderly and one for the differently abled. The warm group of people are excited to be engaged in a SALTy way. They are a lively 'bunch' of people to working with (^_^). We meet on Mondays to do SALT and they look forward to Mondays they say. Today we did dream building, starting with the individual dream and finished with the…


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  A second team of constellation stars [coaches] joins the Mauritians in this beautiful island to share and learn together as humans ,we are invited by Mauritius commercial bank forward foundation to visit stakeholders and NGOs that were not visited November , to appreciate strengths ,build relationship and co create a program with a view of facilitating a platform that defines its common vision ,develop a strategic framework ,assess its situation and plan action together.

Our dream…


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Global Learning Fest newsletter day three- creative!

Here is the newsletter number 3 from the Global Learning Festival. I liked the following elements from the contributions

  • Creative- there is a drawing, poem etc
  • French colleagues responded!
  • Three nice things of the day
  • Virtual participants shared!
  • Collaborative newsletter




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As you open your eyes: Exploring Poste Lafayette (Mauritius)

David, Jessica and little baby Clara have reached Mauritius on Wednesday the 14th of June 2017.They have been warmly welcomed by the inhabitants of Poste Lafayette. The team started their field work the very next day and I am glad to be sharing the experience with them. So many things amazed me among which how little Clara interacted with the inhabitants. It was beautiful to witness how a child could connect people. I am proud to say that I now know what is a…


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Inculcating the spirit of After Experience Reflection

On Thursday, a group of parents of Tamarinier met to plan for their bingo. This bingo is a SMART Action aimed stimulating improved communication among neighbours. After some intense planning amid jokes and hearty laughter one of my co-Facilitators turned to me, Autry, Marlyn would like to know if we do After Experience Reflection immediately following the event the same night? I looked up and they all laughed n laughed.

Added by Autry Haynes on September 25, 2015 at 11:34am — 2 Comments

The impact of appreciation on Stigma

Dear friends,

Greetings and trust you are well!

May I kindly share with you this short paper that largely draws learning from Mauritius in the first quarter of our partnership with MCB FF in the context of applying CLCP/SALT in the issue of drugs.

We explored the power of appreciation and its impact on stigma among people using drugs and their families. In the spirit of appreciation, enormous strengths of reconciliation were evident and over flows to neighborhoods were…


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Transferring the approach… what does that actually mean?

ABOUT TRANSFER - When the Constellation team shares its excitement about its approach and the impact it has on their lives, some people want to apply it in their context, and invite us to facilitate them. Together with them, we transfer the approach. The TRANSFER function organizes (at scale) the response to invitations of people and communities to apply the appreciative way of working (SALT) and the CLCP learning cycle.

9 Months after arriving on this Paradise Island, we…


Added by Joke D´haese on November 15, 2014 at 1:30pm — 3 Comments

Scaling in for scaling out

Evanescent fireworks or a blossoming tree: which image would best represent last week’s Global Learning Festival in Mauritius? For my part the blossoming tree better represents what happened to us here last week because our festival will bear fruit. We left the festival with happy determination to act differently on the basis of what we had learned with communities over the week.

For me, the travel to Mauritius was a travel within, as each meeting gave me the opportunity to deepen my…


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Global Learning Festival 2016 in Mauritius

Constellation and Le Pont du Tamrinier invite you to the Global Learning Festival from April…


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Festival Global d'Echange - Version française

Cher(e)s ami(e)s

Avec un peu de retard, voici donc les Newsletters du Festival Global d'échange en Français. J'espère que vous aurez autant de plaisir à les lire que nous en avons eu à les rédiger ou traduire lors de ce merveilleux festival mauricien. 



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Short and Sweet Global Learning Festival Newsletter day four

Constellation and Le Pont du Tamrinier have organised the Global Learning Festival fwhere we are sharing and exchanging on community response to different issues.

Here comes the newsletter number four. Its short and sweet.

We are spending today and tomorrow on building knowledge assets with communities. You will short notes on that, meeting of national country teams, powerful sharing on…


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Stepping Stones to their dream (^_^)

The group of differently-able persons continued pursuit to their common dream "Living comfortably in our (Cheshire) Home where we can accomplish our dreams".

In a very jovial and vibrant way they "brainstormed' their individual ideas to arrive at seven stepping stones (Practices) that will lead to their common dream. The stepping…


Added by Autry Haynes on September 28, 2015 at 2:20pm — 1 Comment

Rehabilitation programme centred around residents of rehab centre

Vanessa Moorghen, Mauritius shared this experience with me during the Global Learning Festival in 2016

I work with Chrysalide, a rehabilitation centre for women who use drugs and alcohol.

From the beginning of Chrysalide in 2004 we structured the centre in a way that a person coming for admission should start her therapy the day after joining. This means that the new resident has to immediately take on the responsibilities at the centre including therapy, participating…


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When you believe People can, They can!

When you believe People can, They  can!

Two weeks ago, I joined some enthusiastic community volunteers from Flacq on a visit to  Etoile d’Esperance. This is an organization in Mauritius, working to help women with alcohol addiction and other related problems to take treatment and transition to a new life. It offers a residential programme for fifteen women apart from day care and after care.

The visit was special. The residents showed us around in small groups,…


Added by Sanghamitra Iyengar on October 10, 2014 at 7:09pm — 1 Comment

Listening..the L of SALT

When I saw this title, I immediately reflected on the thought, shared by a colleague;


The problem with listening is that we listen to respond rather listen to understand


This saying brought some deep reflection of how true this seem in daily life. It seem as the ‘root cause’ of so many differences in human interaction. What if we are stimulated differently? Recently, at the concluding…


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Collaborative Global Learning Festival Newsletter 2016- Day two

Today in the Global Learning Festival we divided into four teams to being the SALT visits. The joy and excitement on the faces of the team members who returned from the SALT visits was a beautiful sight. How just listening, learning and appreciating can stimulate community to respond- simple yet powerful. Read the details in today's newsletter



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Learning Festival’s contribution to Community to Community transfer

In marketing we learn that when a customer is satisfied, that excitement is shared with on average 6/7 persons. That happens naturally! When a community share common experiences and learn from those experiences they too would share their learning. The sharing could happen naturally or influenced. A Learning Festival is a tool allowed for conscious sharing and learning (^_^). During the Learning Festival held in Mauritius in April 2016, 30 foreigners from 13…


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Fostering TEAM spirit with Bring and Share...

Le Pont du Tamarinier is taking the lead with respect to a SALTy Mauritius...It all began in April when there was interest and the opportunity to taste SALT. WOW, some six months on, several SALT events are making a difference within different communities. You know the term 'taste and buy' well Le Pont has bought and is now sharing that SALTy experience. SALT was applied to do self-assessment of LPDT as an organization, but also conducted a Learning Event for staff, volunteers and community…


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The relevance of why we are human.....

Community conversation is key for communities to take take ownership and being responsible. This is local response. When we seek to stimulate local response with community conversation, one of the stimulating question is are we human and why? Members of every community are intrigue by the question and their own response. They agree to continue 'community conversations' on that human level. Mauritius Council for Social Services (MACOSS) shared in this experience when it held an empowerment…


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