When you believe People can, They  can!

Two weeks ago, I joined some enthusiastic community volunteers from Flacq on a visit to  Etoile d’Esperance. This is an organization in Mauritius, working to help women with alcohol addiction and other related problems to take treatment and transition to a new life. It offers a residential programme for fifteen women apart from day care and after care.

The visit was special. The residents showed us around in small groups, explaining both the programme and the process with a great sense of ownership. It is a beautiful centre , very tastefully done up with attention to every small detail for comfort , convenience and elegance. As we were taken through the centre, the thought that kept flashing in my head was- people here truly believe in the capacity of their clients to transition to a new life. One of the visitors said “the colours are so pleasing”. Another said “ I would love to live here”. So would anyone else. Even just the physical environment kindles the aspiration to live like this : to take pride in oneself and one’s environment.

Belief in the person’s strength along with accompaniment, has been often shared as one of the best supports to a person in grief to find a way out of despair and loneliness. The series of losses that addiction often brings : of self esteem, of relationships, of hope, of a good life, seems to need this faith in the capacity of people, more than anything. The work of Etoile d’Esperance is clearly centred on that belief.

I remarked to one of the residents who was taking us around, that this reveals Etoile d’Esperance really believes that people who enter the institution can make the transition. She replied , “ Yes, when they really believe in us, we can.”

Authentic belief in a person’s capacity. Such a simple formula, and so important to remember!

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on October 20, 2014 at 8:00pm

Sometimes one forgets one has some strengths and when outsiders bring out those strengths, it instills confidence and encourages action. Thanks Sanghamitra for reminding us!


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