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Podcast: Inside DRC's Caterpillar Project

Hi all, I thought you might enjoy the latest episode of the How To Build Community show...

Since 2016, village elders, mothers and schoolchildren in a small community in the Democratic Republic of Congo have worked to reintroduce a species of edible caterpillar to their local area. In the process they've boosted food security, nutrition, biodiversity, local relationships, job opportunities and more. In this episode, VIOLET RURIA from The Salvation Army tells the remarkable story…


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Love and Emotions Of SALT


We work with a NGO called Avani, in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India and have been introduced to SALT process under Global Fund for Children project in 5 villages. We decided to hold a SALT meeting with Anganwadi workers. They are community based front line worker who play a crucial role in promoting child growth and…


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Village local body (Panchayat) tastes SALT

We Imran and me are community facilitators from a NGO called Avani in Kolhapur, Maharashtra (India). We have recently been introduced to SALT through Global Fund for Children project. We plan to use SALT in 4 villages to build leadership of children, youth and community on gender equality.

As the first step, we decided to meet the village local government officials called Gram Panchayat to seek their permission to  start SALT process in this village. The plan was to submit an official…


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Sew We Can

At the marketplace in the Global Learning Fest, Beyond Social Services shared about their 'Sew We Can' initiative. This is an example of CLCP and SALT in Singapore.

Challenge due to the lockdown during the pandemic

Before the pandemic, Beyond had been supporting a group of women to earn through baking products. As women lost their livelihood after the pandemic, 'Sew can we' initiative was born and example of adapting…


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Embracing uncertainties

While discussing medical statistics, I remind myself about what Nassim Taleb has said: 'Probability is not a mere computation of odds on the dice (or more complicated variants), it is the acceptance of the lack of certainty in our knowledge...'.  

This makes me think how we - as human beings, can simplify (and perhaps over pathologise) by 'categorising' to make the uncertain feel more certain.  While these principles might be more relevant to quantitative methodology,…


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20,000 'red' bricks in one month

During the Global Learning Festival- day two i.e. 2nd Oct, we went live with a youth group in Eastern Kenya- Aun, Autry, Bhakynti, Bono, Joseph, Ornella, Sylvereen, Wiwin, Widah and Rituu

How the group was set up

The local church and SALT facilitators encouraged setting up of a village youth group. This consists of young boys and girls and also some children.What motivates them is the needs of the community. For instance during the COVID-19 pandemic they…


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Commonalities of being human

Today was my first day of being so very warmly welcomed by Community Life Competence - a group of unique individuals having shared vision - 'the art of seeing the invisible visible'.  These words define vision and echo in my mind - presented as a plaque to my father during one of the Diabetes Conferences.  A man of principles and wisdom, who I value even more as time passes...he passed away just before the first lockdown started here in the UK.

As I was familiarising myself…


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Thai community response to COVID-19 ensured that no is one left behind

We met on Zoom during the Global learning Festival on 1st Oct'21 and watched the video of Thai community response to COVID-19- Loli, Rafique, Swathi, Usman, Widad,and Rituu. 

Experience_EN from As You Open Your Eyes on…


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