While discussing medical statistics, I remind myself about what Nassim Taleb has said: 'Probability is not a mere computation of odds on the dice (or more complicated variants), it is the acceptance of the lack of certainty in our knowledge...'.  

This makes me think how we - as human beings, can simplify (and perhaps over pathologise) by 'categorising' to make the uncertain feel more certain.  While these principles might be more relevant to quantitative methodology, human sciences can enable us to embrace these uncertainties.  

Today was the third day of the Global Learning Festival.  One of the many inspiring moments lingering in the mind was about our discussion on 'How SALT affects individuals'.  The distinct 'individual' might seem to contrast with the 'community'.  However, the lines (between the individual and community) can become blurred when we use the SALT approach.

Reflections from Jean-Louis quite simply and beautifully were that by looking at our strengths, we get energy.  (In this safe space), the mind is at rest and only then, we can allow ourselves to enter deepest connections.  

This starts with the 'L' in SALT i.e. by deep listening and having meaningful conversations - and being human, as eloquently summarised by Marie: 'My compass is joy - it is the connection between the individual and the community that joy comes'.

I would request what advice could all give to some of us starting this thoughtful journey, based on their experiences and insight? 

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Comment by Ornella E Nongbet on November 29, 2021 at 7:48pm
Beautifully written! It was truly an inspiring journey..


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