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Une étoile naissante au Brésil - Projet artistique "Nordest sem fronteiras"

 Samedi 28 Mai, 2016, il fait beau en Belgique et nous profitons de ce temps pour nous réunir à l'extérieur et débuter notre réunion autour du projet "Nordest sem Fronteiras".…


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"Qui sommes-nous?" au quartier Maritime de Molenbeek!

Rencontre « Qui sommes-nous? » du 23 mai 2016 à ParckFarm

Lundi passé, rencontre "Qui Sommes-Nous" avec les amis du quartier Maritime de Molenbeek!!! Un très beau moment d'échanges abrité par ParckFarm, une initiative citoyenne réussie qui témoigne des énergies constructives déjà en oeuvre à…


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visite SALT au jerdin des femmes de Kanikéli - Mayotte 2016

       Lors de notre mission à Mayotte, nous profitons de notre week-end pour accompagner les stagiaires de la dernière…


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Ecouter ?

    Ecouter?... être disponible, être ouvert comme un grand cornet, entendre les résonnances intérieures, les paroles autant que les silences, ces légères accroches qui disent l'émotion, la gène, l'impatience....

La même racine a produit le mot écouter mais aussi ausculter qui suppose une attention accrue pour entendre l'intérieur, voir ce que l'on ne vois pas, le battement d'un cœur, la circulation du souffle.... Ecouter les corps, les gestes; écouter les yeux, les…


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The relevance of why we are human.....

Community conversation is key for communities to take take ownership and being responsible. This is local response. When we seek to stimulate local response with community conversation, one of the stimulating question is are we human and why? Members of every community are intrigue by the question and their own response. They agree to continue 'community conversations' on that human level. Mauritius Council for Social Services (MACOSS) shared in this experience when it held an empowerment…


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Partage d'expérience :''L'Ecoute'' dans la lutte contre le travail forcé et la traite des enfants en Inde.

Bonjour Rituu!

Heureux de pouvoir te lire et de te savoir en action dans la

facilitation de la réponse face au travail forcé et à la traite des

enfants en Inde. Tout en encourageant cette initiative, je voudrai ici

partager quelques mots au sujet de l'écoute.

En effet, l'écoute est appelé à être développé continuellement pour

chacun de nous tous, humains. C'est un…


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SALT visit stimulates women to take immediate action

I am a social worker and was to arrange for SALT visit in the village of Bachauli, Khanpur Block on the banks of river.  Villagers are primarily engaged in fishing, working in brick klins and as bonded labourers in agriculture. Men primarily work in bricklins where they earn Rs 500-700 per day (10-15 USD).

I was arranging logistics for the SALT and therefore, could not participate in the SALT discussion. The SALT facilitation team left. As I was arranging, I was finishing and came…


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What happens when others listen to us?

Rituu B Nanda from Constellation conducted SALT training for staff from organisations- PGS and TIP in Allahabad.  I am a research scholar who joined this event and accompanied for the SALT visits. When Rituu introduced us to SALT, she asked a question on L for listening in SALT, which evoked a lot of discussion amongst us. Here are some points from the discussion.


What is listening? There is a difference between hearing and listening.  When you listen attentively and…


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Connect! Don’t Collect! : The Art of Community Mapping

The following is an actual conversation I had with the Manager of a medium sized organisation in 2008 after I had delivered an Asset-based Community-driven (ABCD) keynote presentation at a national conference in Brisbane:

Manager, “We tried that asset mapping thing! It didn’t work!”

I asked, “Could I ask what you did and with who?”

Manager, “It was a staff meeting, I drew up 6 columns (one for each asset) and asked all my staff…


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SALT and Facilitation of Systemic Action Research

Names of the Organization: TIP UP, PGS (Allahabad U.P.) Group members who participated in the discussion- Dr. Sunit, Saurabh, Sushil, Santosh, Subedar, Shashi, Roshanlal, Sanjay, Piyush, Poonam, Anu,  Avantika, Ravindra, Shahjad.

 We are doing a Geneva Global Systemic Participatory Action research project. It is supported by Freedom fund and led by IDS, Sussex. During our recent meeting where PGS and TIP staff discussed what makes a good facilitator. Our team compared…


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A brand new website :) ! [French in comments below]

Today, yet another dream has been birthed into reality for the Constellation: a brand new website! The idea was a new look and feel, but more importantly, a new showcase for our ever-evolving community!…


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Community Radio: Means of Life line During the Crises in Nepal

The history of Nepal is general considered to have begun in 1768-69 B.S., when Prithivi Narayan Shah, the king of Gorkha, unified Nepal. The total area of Nepal at present is 147,181 Sq. Km. with a rectangular shape. It is about 192 Km. wide from North to South and 880 Km. long from East to West. Nepal is located between 26022' and 30027' north latitudes and 8004' and 88012' east longitudes and has four vegetation zones viz, tropical, deciduous, monsoon forest, subtropical mixed evergreen…


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