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Why SALT in Systemic Participatory Action research?

I am part of the Systemic Participatory Action research project on modern slavery (bonded labour, child labour and trafficking) in two states- Bihar and UP in India. IDS with Praxis is leading the action research and the project is supported by Freedom Fund and Geneva Global and is being facilitated by eight NGOs. I captured some thoughts of facilitators from PGS and TIP on why SALT can be effective in in Systemic Participatory Action research? …

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Aged Care & Disability Chair Chi Training

Here's our new Aged Care & Disability Chair Chi Training video clip that members may be interested in.

It's a short clip of 4'50 duration and covers the workshop in action and interviews with staff and residents and myself at Bupa Donvale aged care here in Melbourne, Australia.

We currently run training programs for staff, carers and volunteers in aged care centres throughout Australia.

I'd be interested to read any feedback you may have to offer.…


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Festival Global d'Echange - Version française

Cher(e)s ami(e)s

Avec un peu de retard, voici donc les Newsletters du Festival Global d'échange en Français. J'espère que vous aurez autant de plaisir à les lire que nous en avons eu à les rédiger ou traduire lors de ce merveilleux festival mauricien. 



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Feu d'artifice ou arbre en fleurs?

Un feu d'artifice évanescent ou un arbre en fleurs? Quelle image utiliser pour représenter le festival d'échange de la semaine dernière à l’Île Maurice? Pour ma part l'arbre en fleur représente mieux le festival parce qu'il portera des fruits. Nous avons quitté le festival heureux et déterminés d'agir différemment sur la base de ce que nous avions appris avec les communautés au cours de la semaine.

Pour moi, le voyage à l'île Maurice a été d'abord un voyage intérieur. Chaque réunion m'a…


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Scaling in for scaling out

Evanescent fireworks or a blossoming tree: which image would best represent last week’s Global Learning Festival in Mauritius? For my part the blossoming tree better represents what happened to us here last week because our festival will bear fruit. We left the festival with happy determination to act differently on the basis of what we had learned with communities over the week.

For me, the travel to Mauritius was a travel within, as each meeting gave me the opportunity to deepen my…


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Bonjour a vous tous, D'abord merci a tout nos amis d'ici et surtout ceux de l'etranger qui étaient a Mahebourg Mardi dans le cadre de Learning Festival.Nous avons vecu vraiment un moment fort,j'ai ét…

Bonjour a vous tous,

D'abord merci a tout nos amis d'ici et surtout ceux de l'etranger qui étaient a Mahebourg Mardi dans le cadre de Learning Festival.Nous avons vecu vraiment un moment fort,j'ai été personellement tres touché par la simplicité, la sagesse et la bonne humeur des personnes que j'ai rencontré.Grace a leur soutient,leur  et  leur encouragement,je me suis senti forte et prete a aller de l'avant dans notre reve de travailler ensemble avec la communauté,pour voir un…


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A Dream Machine that produces joy

For the principle for Action:

“Si on crée l’espace pour l’expresssion, les capacites des personnes vont éclore”


The dream machine that produces happiness

“Are the children in the Village de Tamarinier poor?” asks my ten year old daughter Chiara when I call her after a day of visiting this Mauritian village. I hesitate. Yes, at the first sight…


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yoga class in shiksha jyoti ngo

आज दिनांक 7/4/2016 को शिक्षा ज्योति संस्था के द्वारा दस बच्चो को योगा  क्लास दी गयी| इस क्लास का मकसद बच्चो में योगा  के प्रति और स्वास्थ्य के प्रति जागरूकता फेलाना है इस योगा क्लास में शिक्षा ज्योति संस्था की सवयम सेवक देवकी जी ने सभी बच्चो को योगा करने के लाभ बताए और सभी बच्चो को योगा भी करवाया | सभी बच्चे इस योगा क्लास से काफी खुश थे और बच्चो ने कहा की हम रोज योगा करेंगे |

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SALT for local capacity development in First Nations communities in Canada

Thank you members for allowing me to join your group.

My last major assignment was to assist a small rural university campus directing commmunity services and business development team. Rural students attended Agriculture and Food processing study programs. I noticed we were few Canadians in the group and wonder theu have have heard about University of Guelph francophone Campus d'Alfred in the Canadian province of Ontario. One person in our small team worked on international projects…


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Short and Sweet Global Learning Festival Newsletter day four

Constellation and Le Pont du Tamrinier have organised the Global Learning Festival fwhere we are sharing and exchanging on community response to different issues.

Here comes the newsletter number four. Its short and sweet.

We are spending today and tomorrow on building knowledge assets with communities. You will short notes on that, meeting of national country teams, powerful sharing on…


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Global Learning Fest newsletter day three- creative!

Here is the newsletter number 3 from the Global Learning Festival. I liked the following elements from the contributions

  • Creative- there is a drawing, poem etc
  • French colleagues responded!
  • Three nice things of the day
  • Virtual participants shared!
  • Collaborative newsletter




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Collaborative Global Learning Festival Newsletter 2016- Day two

Today in the Global Learning Festival we divided into four teams to being the SALT visits. The joy and excitement on the faces of the team members who returned from the SALT visits was a beautiful sight. How just listening, learning and appreciating can stimulate community to respond- simple yet powerful. Read the details in today's newsletter



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Collaborative Newsletter Global Learning Festival 2016 - Day one

The newsletter is GLF 3rd April Attachment

In a nutshell…

People arrived from about 11 countries. Conversations flow…the application of SALT is moving to many more areas. SALT is beginning to permeate in all spheres of personal as well as professional life.  SALT begins from self, thereafter with the family. Moving to the profession we apply it  with our…


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CLCP and PAR in agricultural research

In 2012 the Constellation and WorldFish joined forces to learn how the community life competence approach could support and enhance a Participatory Action Research approach to implementing agricultural research in aquatic agricultural systems where there are high numbers of marginalized men and women. Over three years, Constellation coaches and local facilitation teams working in five countries on the C…


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