SALT for local capacity development in First Nations communities in Canada

Thank you members for allowing me to join your group.

My last major assignment was to assist a small rural university campus directing commmunity services and business development team. Rural students attended Agriculture and Food processing study programs. I noticed we were few Canadians in the group and wonder theu have have heard about University of Guelph francophone Campus d'Alfred in the Canadian province of Ontario. One person in our small team worked on international projects in RDC and Tchad in agricultural education and climate change mitigation involving agroforestery, with some work also done in Morocco training rural engineers in wastewater management technologies. 

Over the last ten years, two projects took up much of our team's attention. Over a set of incremental steps, projects allowed our Ontario Rural Wastewater Centre in Alfred to fully develop 26 modules for training of aboriginal water and wastewater operators in remote communities, training tools and a manual to assist community water quality controllers wih audiovisuals. The second project brought in another team with bridge-training program of internationaly educated agronomists and environmental scientists who had moved to Canada. Very busy schedule with courses, business visits and job placement in provinces Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

At the moment, I am very interested and, especially, after having read about Constellation on the potential of your approach to creating local development capacity starting with what indigineous culture call "Talking Circles".


Merci de m'accueillir parmi vous !

Ne sachant pas combien d'entre vous aimer recevoir des messages en langue française,cela serait facile pour nous de vous traduire mes commentaires dans les deux langues.


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