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Another story of an appreciation.

Since mid-May 2012, I was more in Sekadau. It’s about 7 hours trip by car from Pontianak, my hometown.

Last year, I chatted with a Pak Rasyid, 56 yo. He was an officer at the district Bappeda (Development Planning Board Office). At December Pak Rasyid was retired, so at 2-3 months before December, he was more often doing business at home that has been lived since 20 years ago. He and his wife are a wedding organizer. He had a warm personality; I used to talk and chit-chat with…


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ABCD - Asset Based Community Development

I had, in my last blog, reported about my meeting with the Organisation, BEYOND of Singapore and shared my interview with the team, Gerard, Chris and Cheryl. 

Later on in the day, I visited a couple of team-mates working with the National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC), Singapore ( and directly associated with SGCares (, They are involved in community development. I…


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A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell Just as Sweet

I might sound philosophical when I share a story that I heard in my younger days.

A disciple asked a sage which religion was the right one to know God. The sage walked silently by a tree in the heat of a sunny morning with the disciple. He then pointed to the reflections of the sunlight on the ground beneath the…


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A Dutch taste of SALT

“How’s the weather inside your head today?” This was the introductory question during the ‘Taste of SALT’ workshop in Amsterdam in March 2013. The weather in my head? I was expecting to introduce myself by telling everyone where I’m from, my profession, passions and maybe, if everyone else did, my age too. This is how we are used to describe ourselves, or maybe even define ourselves. It creates certain angles how people can typify others.…


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CLCP and SALT - Interview with Gerard, Chris and Cheryl of BEYOND, Singapore

During a recent visit to Singapore, I met Gerard, Chris and Cheryl and recorded an interview with them.

Gerard heads the organisation, BEYOND, that works with the community in Singapore. Chris and Cheryl work with him. These girls were at the Global Learning Festival held in Y2012 in India.

Thanks to Rituu B Nanda's reference, I connected with Gerard and reconnected with the two girls when I visited them at their office. What started as an informal conversation turned…


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A taste of SALT and M&E

Institute of Applied Manpower Research (IAMR), a government institute, Delhi, India invited me to facilitate a session on strength-based approach and evaluation. IAMR is conducting a three month course on Monitoring and Evaluation for international students.

Strength-based approaches believe that in every environment there are individuals,…


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Interview with Chris Bennett and Sue James, Practitioners of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) at Melbourne, Australia

I met Chris Bennett and Sue James, AI Practitioners from Melbourne, at the Appreciative Inquiry Conference at Ghent, Belgium in April, 2012.

In a recent visit to Australia, I met up with them when they took me and my husband on a day-long drive to the lovely countryside in Warburton, Melbourne.

I recorded an interview with them…


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Uncle Huolai encourages leaders to think again

I have an experience to share from Molvum village, Nagaland where the involvement of local leaders has increased leading to concrete action on HIV issues. The story was shared by Jacinta, I noted it and Geoff Parcell edited. Thanks to Jacinta and Geoff!



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