Since mid-May 2012, I was more in Sekadau. It’s about 7 hours trip by car from Pontianak, my hometown.

Last year, I chatted with a Pak Rasyid, 56 yo. He was an officer at the district Bappeda (Development Planning Board Office). At December Pak Rasyid was retired, so at 2-3 months before December, he was more often doing business at home that has been lived since 20 years ago. He and his wife are a wedding organizer. He had a warm personality; I used to talk and chit-chat with him. In addition, our room was close.

That morning (last year) he entered the room with a happy face (I guess it was the happiest I ever see) and radiant. I started the conversation by asking why he is so cheerful this morning, more cheerful than the previous days. Then he started telling. Last weekend he was invited by the Palace/Royal of Tayan, a Malay sultanate that still leaves a cultural entity. Today in Borneo there are some small Palaces/Royals that still exist. This small palaces still has a special position in the community so that more or less influential in a local politics. He invited to a celebration of the Palace anniversary. In this event, all Kings/Sultans in Indonesia were invited. He was really surprise receiving the invitation. He felt he is no one; he is not a descendant of palace, not the key officials nor the influenced businessman. Even he several times asked to the courier, to avoid miss-person. But the courier convinced that he was the one. At that time he was really felt very much appreciated.

He continued his story. After receiving the invitation, with curiosity, he went to the palace, to find out why he was invited. At the palace he saw many people seem busy in preparation for the event. He began to look around and talk to some people who were there. Finally he met with the Sultan's brother. He told the Sultan’s brother that he was invited but not sure the reason why he was invited. According to the Sultan's brother explanation, beside invite Kings/Sultans and State Officers, it was also invited persons who help them in the past.
Pak Rasyid felt emotion to hear that, but still could not remember. Then he went around seeing peoples were working to build a tent, arrange tables and other preparations. From his observations, based on his experience in his business, tents, chairs, tables and a few other accessories are not appropriate for an event as big and as important as that. Finally, he offered the Sultan’s brother to use the equipments he have, for free.
Short story, the event was a success and festive. Sultan thanked Pak Rasyid for loaning a very good equipment.

I asked him, why Pak Rasyid provides free help, otherwise it cashed huge money. He said he was too happy and felt appreciated, so he wanted to do something for the event.

This story, again, is further convinced me that when people get appreciated, she/he will feel respected. When people feel respected and appreciated, then she/he will do good things we do not expect before. Both people who appreciate and appreciated will get good things.

This morning, I got condolence news; Pak Rasyid has passed away. So I wrote this story to remember him. So long Pak Rasyid.

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on April 10, 2013 at 11:37pm

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Maija Hansen Great story indeed. I think that when you feel appreciated and respected, that you have a worth, then you want also pass the good to others? Empowered people can make empowerment happend?
  • Rituu At Constellation I loved what you said Maija Hansen. The concept of transfer is what we have seen in the Constllation. Empowered communities transfer to others and when transfer is done consciously/facilitated intentionally wonders can happen to scaling up. Hence, T for SALT in our organisation. Also the best way to transfer a strength-based approach begins from self. I will post your comment to the blog so that others can read your powerful comments. Hope its fine Maija.
Comment by chandra nurhasz on April 10, 2013 at 9:03am

Thank you very much for you too, Rituu & JL.

Comment by Jean-Louis Lamboray on April 2, 2013 at 8:45pm

Thanks Chandra for another gem  of yours!

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on March 21, 2013 at 8:39pm

This is a beautiful illustration of Appreciation in SALT, how facilitators by uncovering the strengths of the community can mobilise them to take action. I am going to use the story of Pak Rasyid when I talk about appreciation Thanks Chandra!


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