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Moving toward community on a long board

Instead of looking for weaknesses that we can correct, we begin  to look for strengths that we can support.

Instead of looking for opportunities to do things to them or for them, we start to look at how we can learn from them.


With these principles in mind, some volunteers and us brought together  6 youths and 13 adults who resided in the same block to “build a dream” for their…


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Sex Selection in India: Kishwar Desai's "Witness the night"

When Amartya Sen, Indian economist and Nobel Prize winner, first raised the issue of the missing 100 million women some 20 years ago, I must admit I found it all rather hard to comprehend.  I paid it little regard until last year when I found myself at the UNFPA offices in India, mesmerized by sex-selection posters adorning the walls. Before then it seemed all quite abstract, facts and figures and definitively hard to contextualise.

More recently, a…


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Is peace possible in a world of religion?

It is a widely held belief that religion is the cause of all conflicts, past and present; that religion and peace are simply not compatible.  However, with a vast proportion of the world’s population subscribing to one religion or another, can it really be an issue to ignore?


Baha’i’s believe that “world peace is not only possible but inevitable”, a central tenet to their faith; they put forth a seminal statement in 1985 stating that:…


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Community life competence process in Russia


Jean-Louis Lamboray, chair of the Constellation made an introductory visit to Moscow in May 2010, where UNAIDS Regional Support Team (RST), CSOs and city mayors showed interest to apply the AIDS Competence Process in the Russian context.


Learning events and blended learning

The Blended Learning modules for facilitators on the AIDS Competence Process were translated in Russian. The local facilitators from Moscow,…


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SALT - ed


It’s not every day that the family huddles together to speak openly about personal strengths, hopes and fears. And, when such a day occurs; poignant effects are nothing but expected.

That could be the prologue to what…


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Reaching Girls at the Grassroots--A Sound Investment

How-matters.org is featuring two posts today as part of the Girl Effect Blogging Campaign. 

Part 1 discusses how grassroots organizations, as powerful actors that find and reach marginalized girls, are key to unlocking girls’ potential.

Because they are embedded in the communities they…


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Exchange Visits Among Local Organizations—Here’s How!

Stronger, more sustainable community-based organizations can contribute to a more effective and participatory civil society response to the needs of vulnerable people in the developing world.

Donors can support organizations even at the beginning stages of organizational development with an intent to leave groups stronger than when they first entered into partnership. Different types of capacity building activities such as exchange visits and mentoring relationships between…


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