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SALT in the Family: Why would I need to be the SALT expert?

I have been enjoying many conversations lately with friends in the Constellation around how we as CLCP facilitators apply ‘naturally’ SALT as a way of working in our own lives as well. Sometimes we say jokingly ‘don’t try this at home’ when it comes to Support, Appreciate, Learn and Transfer in the private circle.

Is SALT in our own family sometimes difficult because we fall into an old trap: we think it is up to us to be the expert?

A small remark from my…


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Intentions and assumptions - field visit in Jaipur (India), Theory U style

Adam Yukelson, co-creator of the edX course u.lab on Theory U (Transforming Business, Society and Self) wrote an inspiring story on the application of Theory U in a business setting.

If you are interested in learning more about application of Theory U, you might like this article on his visit to a rug manufacturing company in Jaipur, India (Jaipur Rugs):…


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Sefhoke on The Move

(posted on behalf of CATCH team - Botswana)

Communities tracking and measuring community-driven actions at Ward Level in the South East pilot district of the approach called Communities Acting Together to Control HIV (CATCH).

The CATCH approach that has been piloted since June 2015 in the South East district in Botswana with the support of NACA, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Local Government, UNAIDS, US partners and the Humana…


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Salt visit ?

Dear all,

next saturday, 10-9-2016 there is an open day at startblok riekerhaven. Birgitta and I have been there earlier for a SALT visit, there was also a picture posted then.

So there's a new possibility to get in contact with this community at the open day, would be a good thing for another visit. If someone is interested, Amsterdam practitioners, we could join and visit, reflect and experience…


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S for stimulation in SALT/साल्ट में उत्प्रेरित करना

जन जाग्रति केंद्र  पिथौरा, जिला - महासमुंद, छत्तीसगढ़ एक गैर सरकारी संस्था है, जो बंधुआ मजदूरी के ऊपर काम कर रही है, यहाँ  पिछले साल जुलाई  2015 में साल्ट का एक ट्रेनिंग रखा गया था जिसमे फील्ड में काम करने वाले वालेंटियर भी शामिल हुए थे | इस साल्ट ट्रेनिंग में शामिल हुए एक वालेंटियर ने इसका प्रयोग पंजाब के एक ईट भट्ठा में किया उस वालेंटियर के अनुभव व उसके द्वारा मजदूरों को उत्प्रेरित करने के बाद जो बदलाव आया वो इस प्रकार है -

                  मेरा नाम खेमलाल खटर्जी है मै जन जाग्रति…


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Building the Dream with your body

Together with some friends we experimented:

How can you do dreambuilding using less words and more body talk?

It was great fun to do this experiment and it lead to some deep sharings and understanding. Letting your body do the talking is so powerful!

Here you see our group dream of a community where it is nice to live,

where we know and meet the…


Added by Joke D´haese on September 1, 2016 at 4:00pm — 5 Comments

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