as I had mentioned to most if not all of you, I will be integrating the SALT process into my program here at Youth Challenge Guyana, What this means is that I will be taking all my volunteers arriving to participate in our field projects through the process. I have groups in arriving in country 5-6 times per year. I have two groups for the remainder of the year One next Month the other in December.

November the 5th will be the day set aside for the SALT process with my international volunteers.

I am giving an open invitation to persons who may be interested in being a part of these activities to make comntact with me. I will keep you updated as to the exact dates of the processes.

Community sharing their knowledge on peanuts farming

What this does for us is that it will take the process country wide, for volunteers will now be expected to do the process in communitits around Guyana. As you may know Youth Challenge Guyana is one of the only organisation that has a reach countrywide. Our volunteers spend 5-8 weeks in communities and will have enough time to carry out the process.

I am heading to Lethem this weekend to do some training with our new volunteers in region #9, I will introduce the SALT process to them. Coleen I know you were interested in going, if you are still interested you can always come. I am going by road. I leave on Saturday evening to return arrice on Sunday. I leave Lethem Next Saturday to get back to Georgetown on Sunday.

I see this is the beginning of a new era in our work. I see this as a giant step for our people. I see this as the foundation of the change that is coming.I see this as the revolution that will see Guyana moving forward. I see this as the sustainer of community projects.

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Comment by Colleen McEwan on October 20, 2010 at 7:45pm
Thank you for extending an invitation Michael, to join the Youth Challenge Guyana team in Region 9 and share in the introduction of the SALT process with the visitors/volunteers. Unfortunately I was in Region 7 at the time of your posting this blog hence I could not participate. However, I am definitely interested, since I am very passionate about rural areas and the opportunities that exists for sharing our knowledge and experiences and also to learng from those who find it challenging to come to us. I therefore look forward to hearing from you with the intended dates and logistics.

Like you, I am eager to share with communities, that which we were privileged to learn through 'The Constellation' Many thanks to Usa and Gaston for imparting invaluable knowledge to the Guyana Team. SALT is indeed a fantastic concept that results in effective changes in our approach to life challenges.

Best wishes always
Comment by Peeters Fongeh on October 20, 2010 at 4:54pm
Great Micheal,
make it as participatory as possible, Every body knows something and every body has something to say.
Keep us updated
Comment by Michael Mc Garrell on October 16, 2010 at 12:58am
Use whatever you want...:)
Comment by Gaston on October 16, 2010 at 12:54am
and your last sentence just made it to my final report (if you allow me :)). Beautifully phrased.
Comment by Gaston on October 16, 2010 at 12:53am
Michael, great sharing and beautiful pictures (one of the many you have I know). I am finalizing the report of the last event with a big smile. It's great to see all these creative applications of learning in your own context. This is just the beginning it seems.

Looking forward to learn more from you and good luck with the EU project you won.
Comment by Laurence Gilliot on October 14, 2010 at 1:45pm
Go go go Michael! This is great! I wish I could join you...
I"'m looking forward to hear how the youth will receive this approach.

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on October 13, 2010 at 11:23pm
Dear Michael,

Wonderful, how you are spreading the approach among the youth. Do you plan to follow up on this?

Waiting for stories from Lethem.

Warm regards,



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