Fathers group becomes very supporting when equipped with sufficient knowledge and understanding

"This is an experience sharing from SALT Visit on Reproductive Health (RH) Competence at Manonjaya Sub-district in Tasikmalaya - West Java Indonesia (November 2009). This's about inspiring inclusion from groups of fathers that was dominated SALT visit. Along with the process they are becoming very supporting group when they were equiped with sufficient knowledge on Adolescent Reproductive Health (ARH) issues and better understanding on SALT as ways of thinking and working. Initially they came to community to preach, to teach because some of them, indeed, were teacher, head of villages and know become religious preacher. After attending SALT visit, I learned that the way they approach community is no longger for teaching and preaching but deliver community stimulating questions and listening to story and dream of their neighbours, nieces, grandsons/daughters, siblings, youths. Group of fathers facilitated community gathering to share ARH issues and appreciating their current understanding relating to issues of ARH and health in general. Group of fathers links community with information sources/service providers to provide complete information and services community need. I learn inclusion from they way they try to open discussion ARH issues and what can we contribute as community members to make this come true. Previously adolescent reproductive issues in not father group's bussines, or event not community's concern. After attending SALT visit, ARH related issues start becoming the father's group's concern. This reveals at their mind, speeches, approaches that turn out to be magnifying effort to ARH issues campaign among community. This certainly, supportive to service providers' works on dessimintaing and delivering ARH information an d services to the sub-district community. I am really glad to know and learn that SALT approches is trigerring such a model group to be included."

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Comment by Gaston on July 27, 2010 at 7:58am
Thank you Wiwin for great sharing. What made the difference you think for the fathers to feel involved and start facilitating? What caused the turning point according to you?
Comment by Geoff Parcell on July 26, 2010 at 4:17pm
Great, thanks Wiwin!



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