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Greetings on May Day and the statehood day of Gujarat!

Dear All,

Greetings on Gujarat Diwas (statehood day of Gujarat) - a day which always coincides with

May Day signifying the dignity of labour and recognition of the need for the protection,

promotion and asssertion of all human rights in general and the right to health in particular.

Let us all rededicate ourselves to internalize those values and commit ourselves to act in

accordance with the needed requirements for establishment of health as a… Continue

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Some of the E-publications of Dr Rajesh Gopal

Some of my electronic publications are mentioned below with the links:-

(A) www.exchange-magazine.info April,2009

Article published in the latest issue of Exchange on HIV/AIDS, sexuality and gender No. 1, 2009

titled “Using ‘Web-4-All’ to address the information needs of people with disabilities”

Royal Tropical Institute,Amsterdam

(B) www.i4donline.net November,2008

Emagazine issue on HIV/AIDS: Information for Development (i4d)-article on… Continue

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Power of positive thinking and positive dreaming!

Time and again the need to think positively has been emphasized at all fora.It is indeed extremely helpful in crafting of the mission and ensuring the chalked out activities in the most effective manner.

Imagined blocks,obstructionist mindsets and majority of the impediments are taken care of by the same and they all those hurdles just wither away before the strong and positive influence driving the endeavours..

Seemingly impossible tasks are converted to feasible and then… Continue

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An Inconvenient Truth

We have perfected the art of using euphemism for camouflaging an ugly truth. The apparent justification for such a denial of the stark reality is perhaps the mistaken notion that somehow the gigantic monstrosity of the humungous problem may also be reduced by perceiving the same ‘through a jaundiced eye’/denying its very existence and thereby just wishing it away.

A blatant inhuman murder of a bride is craftily worded as ‘dowry death’ even during the legal interactions.… Continue

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Law must catalyze social change for the better and not otherwise!

Promotion and protection of human rights, inter alia, necessitate full and creative utilization of all the existing legal and societal provisions.

It is ironic that the law of the land which has to putatively serve the cause of benefiting all and promoting the larger interest of the society is, more often than not, in conflict with the endeavours for the prevention of acquisition of sexually transmitted infections and the containment of HIV/AIDS.

Human behaviour is indeed… Continue

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Community has to play the central and crucial role in planning ,working and monitoring its health!

Comment: Primary Health Care: Back to the Future? (1)

Dr. Rajesh Gopal, India


[Mods note: The posting below is the first response to a perspective piece on the World Health Report 2008. Read the original posting and find links to the report here:



Dear SEA-AIDS members,

I was at the World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva in… Continue

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Impediments in access to quality STI care services by the MSM and TG communities

The post below available at SEA AIDS e- forum(slightly modified) is in response to a recent consultation report from the September 2008 meeting of the World Health Organization (WHO) and its United Nations (UN) partners in Geneva. The report speaks to the urgent need to address the emerging and remerging HIV and STI epidemics among MSM and transgender people.

Access the full report here: http://msmasia.org/tl_files/resources/OMS%20MSM_DF.pdf

Read the executive summary of… Continue

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