The agony of the Japanese humanitarian crisis continues where earthquake ,after tremors and devastating tsunami rendered millions of people without water, electricity, homes and what have you. The series of unfortunate developments at the nuclear reactors are the proverbial 'last straw'(hope and pray they are the last ones)breaking the camel's back.

It is extremely difficult not to think of Hiroshima while thinking of Fukushima and other parts of the land of rising sun devastated by rising of sea waves.Ironically the radioactivity levels in several states of USA have found to have risen(though well within a limit posing no threat to any life forms).

Trace amounts of radiation from Japan have been detected in New York State, State health officials were quoted as saying in a media report Tuesday.

'There are very small amounts of radioactive material from Japan in the air over the US,' Xinhua quoted New York State Health Department spokeswoman Claudia Hutton saying on CBS 6.

'When it rains or snows, the material is washed to the ground and onto surface waters, such as lakes, rivers and reservoirs. Water quality is being monitored, and the drinking water throughout New York is safe,' she added.
Hutton said the state does not expect the amounts to be near a level that would pose a public health concern and there is no need for New Yorkers to take potassium iodide.

The Environmental Protection Agency announced that slightly elevated levels of radiation have been detected in eight US states including Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Massachusetts, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Washington.

We as Global citizens have been and will always remain together in all the desired pursuits.

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