With Love From Manonjaya Tasikmalaya - Indonesia (2)

I initiated to facilitate session on CLCP cycle. I was preparing pictures and papers and the like while I was listening my collegues facilitating session on sharing what students have done and what they have known about CLCP cycle. They stopped me drawing the CLCP picture. Wooww...I just can borrow them. They were splendidly share us steps of CLCP, drawing good picture and can share with us their experience and view point. It reminded me that I'm not an expert of CLCP who's going to teach them the CLCP cycle. I m a facilitator. Then I found that the ARH competence member at that junior high school are so good on that, so facilitation's task is accomplished. I can borrow their picture and conforming with them some point particularly on ways of thinking. As Rebeka said that students learn fast including this approach. I learn also from schools headmasters that students who join the ARH competence now become so active, polite and confident to open discussion with everybody at school. Being well informed about 11 practices o ARH competence students become more confident facing their life.

After doing market place Mr. Oding (62) was amazed by students courage on practicing SALT principle and CLCP approach. His very philosopic question on how could we as community could sustained this program was answered by the very humble stamement. The students said that Mr Oding please dont' worry abouth this, you have us as doers and users of SALT and adolescent reproductive health information and services. They said that we would make other students experiencing salty learning just like us. See...I soo happy knowing this. Suddenly this ring the bell on me, why the students so confident answering this? I know...They're simply practicing SALT. They are not working at philosophic level. They just do this.

Ending this facilitation sessions I promised them to come if they ask me on the next months to see the tremendous effect of 60 salted students colloring their community. This is time when parents' learning from youths how to act salty.


a happy wiwin :)

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Comment by Gaston on September 2, 2010 at 8:20am
I have a similar experience in Cambodia, where we asked the facilitators that have practiced the approach a little bit to share the CLCP cycle. In this way, it's in the local language, locally adapted, local examples and most importantly it gives self-confidence to the facilitators. We can add with other examples to illustrate their cycle.
Comment by Laurence Gilliot on September 1, 2010 at 8:18am
Wonderful Wiwin! Thank you for sharing your happiness. I think that happiness is the best indicator for success :-)


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