Last month I facilitating review meeting among SALT faciliators at Tasikmalaya District. The district is quite well know I think as the most populous and Islamic conservative community. Some of reproductive and HIV-AIDS promoting program facing challenges from this situation. This beautiful district, however has open minded people . That's is why CLPC promoting last year at the district remind accepted and sustained. ( or even CLCP and SALT able to ice breaking even at very conservative community :))

Chandra, our coach, from Jakarta supported me facilitating this review meeting by addressing two reflection question:
1. what happened since the last time?
2. why are we still together?

Some of facilitators still demystify the impact of SALT by perceiving what happened since last time as M&E activity. This somehow bothering me as facilitator. And I felt not so salty at that time.
The second question was that the core of transfer at SALT principle. Why are we still together meanwhile no longer donor support to our activity.

Isep, a meeting participant, want to learn a lot. SALT make me working easy. I don't need to say something, just listen to person I talk with and solution will come from him/her. Iwan, another meeting participant said that I need to learn more after dream building what else and how to motivate community so they have spirit and courage facing their challenge on HIV-AIDS. This make Iwan also understand better community when he talk less listen more.
Anto admit that service for PLWHA still unsalty, I want to be here to ensure that my friend and me are served by love at public health center.

Are CLCP enabling facilitator better carrier? does money is the only things that make us still together? is promoting CLCP need money always? most of us, meeting participant were quite. we are aware that we human has strengths and concern. However, we still need mony doing this at the community. Where money come from? outsider? the community?

Realizing we as human make us believe that SALT/CLCP could work without supporting money and that's why we need still together. Lets, at least practice SALt with our wives, husbands, kids , family and neighbor. And lets share this ;)

Keep smile all indocompetence facilitators and communities. SALT is sweet you know...:D

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Comment by chandra nurhasz on November 10, 2010 at 2:33pm
Hi Teh Wiwin,

Very nice to read your story. I proposed that question to you because I'd love to hear another perspectives on the same question in the different places. It quites almost have the same spirit.

Dear Laurence,
I heard more than once about the very inspiring story from DR-Congo. It had really inspired us in Indocompetence.

Comment by Gaston on November 2, 2010 at 7:50pm
Why are we together? Excellent question to ask. It lets people reflect deeply. I'll use next time I talk with a facilitation team.
Comment by Laurence Gilliot on October 27, 2010 at 8:07pm
Hi Wiwin,

Thanks for sharing this important concern. Do we need money to spread this approach?
I think the end of a project or donor support is an opportunity for a team to fly with its own wings. My biggest lesson was in DR-Congo. At the end of the project with the Belgian Technical Cooperation, the team was wondering what to do. Mamy, one facilitator said: "We cannot stop here! We have to continue!" For two years, they worked without funding, volunteering, members paid a small membership fee, facilitators paying transport themselves when going on SALT visits. They were doing about 3, 4 SALT visits per week.
Today, they signed a contract with the National AIDS Council (with the Constellation) to go to scale with the AIDS Competence Process throughout the country...

Just one experience to show that this is an opportunity to continue with those who are really motivated :-)



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