I believe that must be a way to celebrate AIDS world day by doing such a meaningfull and monumentous among general population or less risk population. And AHHAA....I found that opportunity.

UNFPA in collaboration with West Java Provincial Educatio Office conducted master trainer training for Adolescent REproductive Health (ARH) inclusion at school curricula. Such a "barinstroming" took place among programatic stakeholders with the partcipants. Some adjustment, revised unserstanding, new concern and belives on ARH related issues including AIDS were discussed. At the end the 18 powerfull and commited teachers developed guidline for teacher, modul for students on independent leearning on ARH issues, collection of materials and template of teaching manual and steps of teaching are fully developed.

At the last day, Lucy and Linda, UNFPA field staffs, were introducing and promoting SALT as WoT and WoW and CLCP to make those four products implemented at schools level. We also informed them that it's also our response on World AIDS day celebration. (most of them did not know about this, I was happy that I contributed to make them recognize this celebration). We as a community acted by developing our dream and show our mapped our strenghts, concern and commitment.

Dina - a teacher of civic education admitted that as a teacher she cares of her life, she loves her students just like they are her own. She want by salty way share her new understanding on AIDS and ARH related issues start from her family, house, neigbouringhood and shools. Abdul Kodir said that, SALT will be our effective means of promoting and teaching ARH to our students without being judgemental. He confessed sometimes its not easy as a teacher not to teach and to jugdge. This approach is the simplest and core of counceling principle fostering at education realm.

I just newly accept sms from one of participant, Wardai. He said that at monday ceremony at school he shared about AIDS and ARH related issues to all ceremony participant. He also played movies on AIDS transmission and testimony from PLWH. He shared his point to his students and collegues that from classroom we can be infected by HIV but than from clasroom aslo we can act...

I really proud of them and looking forward to others sms and nitification that there will be another community act reaponding AIDS and ARH related issues at formal education/schools. I testify that CAD encourages community more strenghts and commitment to act on AIDS and ARH related issues.

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Comment by wiwin winarni on December 3, 2010 at 11:26am
CAD event was conducted at 30 Nov 2010 from this took about 3 and half hour.

What was the basis of selection of teachers. Was it voluntary? : we have teacher forum at district and sub district level for each subject e.g. biology, religion, language etc. Some of them are very good and committed. They also can write (some are activity write at local newspaper) those high qualified teachers regularly meet to develop and revise teaching manual, materials, curricula and the like. So they are selected by those considerations. Its not voluntarily in fact :)

Which class do they teach? they teach at grade 10, 11 and 12. At other province (west kalimantan) IPPA and UNFPA had produced ARH inclusion at education for elementary and junior high schools.

Which subject? Tthere tree main issues of ARH issues integrated are free sex (our community still can not accept save sex values. sex should be do after marriage), drugs and HIV-AIDS. This integrate at biology, Islamic religion, sport and health, sociology, civic education, Indonesia Language, counseling service

Do they belong to different schools? yes they belong to different school, represented 5 regions at our province. West java is the most populous province in Indonesia. we have 43million people live in and there are 26 districts at the province. They are hopefully become initiator or such a focal point to share this program at teacher forum at district and sub district of their origin

How is ARH integrated in school curriculum? we have mechanism of curriculum development used at provincial education office. began from identification of competency standard that belong to each subject that indicate cognitive, affective and psycho-motor due to ARH issues which is actually indicated at general standard/competency of students by education office. So we follow common mechanism on developing curriculum, not develop special subject or create new standard of competency.

Have the parents and students been involved? Parents have not been involved yet on developing curriculum. Teachers also concern about this. one of the plan of action (CLCP) is that school will use parents council to disseminate this program and to have parents concern dealing with AH issues. Students are provided by module on independent learning process contain of material, structured assignment, self assessment framework and FGD facilitation

How do you plan to use CLCP? CLCP used to support trained teachers having well planned activity , by focusing to their strengths, to make this program running and on the tract. They are pleased to be equipped by CLCP mechanism since they could for sure follow up and implement ARH inclusion program at their schools, sub district and district of their origin

Would like to try in Delhi: Congrats, really want to help. It would be great that we can share our experience on this program and can do teacher SALT Visit there or vise verse.

Best Regards

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on December 3, 2010 at 10:46am
Dear Wiwin,

Life skills education in schools has been a challenge here in India. Please may I ask few questions. What was the basis of selection of teachers. Was it voluntary? Which class do they teach? Which subject? Do they belong to different schools? How is ARH integrated in school curriculum? Have the parents and students been involved? How do you plan to use CLCP? Would like to try in Delhi

I am compiling the list of CAD events. Please give the date of this event. Thanks Wiwin for sharing this fantastic event. I loved the photograph.




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