Smile and simple for S and touch for T, another enrichment along community engagement

Last November (22 - 26) Chandra and I facilitated Adolescent Reproductive Health Competence at Singkarawang, about 3 hours driving from Pontianak West Kalimantan - Indonesia. Local facilitators from Pontianak, Rudi and Kang Alit also came along. From Tasikmalaya aslo joined our lovely midwive Siti Aminah. We had wonderful time exploring and learning as a person and facilitators among five of us. We have different background this we shared many things from our individual life, learning, happiness, anxieties and strengths facing our life as person who try to practices SALT as WoT and WoW.

We facilitated four day CLCP introduction to multi-stakeholders at Singkawang district. As a person I really appreciate and proud of trans gender participants who were so powerful, empowered and also cheerful. There were Mpo Yeyen, Aulia and our lovely best friend facilitator, Rudi. Mpo Yeyen is teacher at senior high school. She teach sociology. To my surprise and pride is that most of Mpo Yeyen students are women in prostitute , which is youths. Aulia is last two years Miss Rose (trans gender championship in Indonesia) and really empowered. She become her family backbone, earning money as make up dresser and bridal make up expert. From other participant who was her client I know that most of bride prefer Aulia and her another transgender make up dresser instead of another one cos they are more patient, strong and skillful. While Rudi, she served splendidly as facilitator and really keen to assist another four facilitators with her local genius information about local culture, culinary, habit and the like.

What I would like to share at this blog is that Mpo Yeyen input on S at SALT terminology. She said that SALT visit should be full of smile and made as simple as we can. Since she believes that SALT visit should create comfort atmosphere among community member and visitors. That really simple, basic and brilliant expression from her. She suddenly asked us, facilitators, whether we ever visited mute person or community. So she splendidly added that T at SALT must be TOUCH. This really makes sense isn't it?. Yes, sometime we need to express our support by touching our client since we also realize that SALT visit is also community counseling (as JL shared at Tasikmalaya November 2009)

Simple for S at SALT terminology also admitted by group of teachers who attended master training for ARH at school curricula last month. Mr Toto , a participant, said that SALT is one of the simplest way he know to introduce new program among national office of education officers. Mostly they are overloaded by so many terminology of philosophical things of schooling and education but then find so many challenges on implementing all of those stuffs. Mr Agus, another participant, also confessed that visiting other related stakeholder by exploring their concern is so simple, naive and promising. Moreover, He believes by this simple approach that everyone will certainly will agree and committed to support educating youth on ARH and HIV-AIDS related issues. Last week he shared me his success stories that his district parliament (Karawang District at West Java Province - Indonesia) , district AIDS commission, district education office and local university start constructing local law on ARH and HIV-AIDS that scheduled will be endorsed at first quarter of year 2011. In addition, Mr Ihin, teacher of Islamic religion said that SALT abbreviation will them much more identified along with continuous facilitation and community engagement. I can't wait to join and attend another facilitation and community discussion to find more term at SALT terminology. This really another inspiring and wonderful things I get from CLCP and SALT.

Love from Bandung - Indonesia

Then we will witnessing that SALT will spread faster that HIV. I am sure about that!!

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Comment by Gaston on December 23, 2010 at 2:24pm

Wiwin and Bandung. I miss those great times :) 


It's wonderful how IndoCompetence always comes up with very rich additions to the SALT abbreviations. I fully agree with smile. Also smile, because we focus on strengths, not on problems. We can smile and celebrate where we are today already.


Yesterday, we had a meeting here in Belgium with BelCompetence and a potential partners. The organisation wanted to organize a full day for 60 social workers that work with immigrants. Their main concern was that they didn't see the value of their work anymore and they were stressed. The organizing director was planning to call the day 'Stress'. After our 1,5 hour meeting, we was smiling and cheerful. We will call it 'revealing our strengths' or something like that. He suddenly realised how even the way we call an event can determine the energy and mindset of the participants. 


The day will probably be facilitated by BelCompetence in January. More on this later. Stay tuned!

Comment by Laurence Gilliot on December 23, 2010 at 2:22pm

Hi Dewi,


I always love it to read your blogs. Even though I never met you in real, I can imagine you telling me this story. Your way of sharing is cute, simple and genuine and that's what I love. 

Btw I also see that your english improved so much!


Big hug from Belgium,



Comment by wiwin winarni on December 22, 2010 at 11:21am

dear Dewi...


Terima kasih buat koreksinya...thanks alot dear...

Comment by Dewi Rahmadania on December 22, 2010 at 11:05am

Love this blog..!

its so sweet teteh.., tenkiu for sharing.,yupz i agree with you.,

we can be a witness for SALT.!

but maybe it supposed to be Singkawang not Singkarawang ;)





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