Sport and art activity make youths reproductively healthy and they happy also (I hope..)

Yadi said that I need sport activity to make me spend my spare time to activity that avoid me dating with girl friend. My friend's girl friend is pregnant now because they always go together and then have sex. That statement is from Yadi, 19 years old, a student at Manonjaya Tasikmalaya. He is member of ARC competence established last year at the most moslem community at Tasikmalaya District - West Java Indonesia.

While Gina, 15 years old said that I want to enjoy art activity like traditional music instrument or dance. But I can't to be a champion on that activity. She said that championship for me at art performing activity was that how could I satisfy and happy while watching the performing. I need doing this regularly to make me health mentally and physically. That in turn make me reproductively healthy.

What Yadi's and Gina's words, in perspective of me a person, its not only about how to avoid him having sex, having his girl friend pregnant and reproductively healthy . Its about culture and philosophical dialogue. At Yadi's context having girl or boy friend is socially accepted. However, parents, community does not allow and ready when youths start having sex before marriage. And they are not ready promoting condom among youths. Its against law and religion community believe. JL, when facilitating learning event last November at Tasikmalaya, was wondering why after SALT, role play presented by youths seemed to be do not allow they have close, relax and natural relationship among boys and girls? why then youths become so cold and frigid. They seemed to be unhappy. Does SALT make them sad? Does being ARH Competence make them become unfriendly? I can't answer JL's question that time.

At Gina's context enjoying art performing activity is uncommon among youths. They have lack facility, less family and community support to enabling youths enjoying art performing activity. These simply related with culture, habit, philosophical dialogue and mind changing and further facility.

What I want to share here is that, when we connect with community we are aware that community has its own principle, values and habit and also strength. I want to ensure my self that what have we facilitated will be sustained at and by the community. Students identify level of sport and art activity practices as bellow:

Level 1: we know that sport and art activity will me them mentally, phisically and socially healthy that in turn make us reproductively healthy.

Level 2: we do sport and art activity conducted or administered by and at school

Level 3: we do sport and art activity conducted or administered by and at school and sometimes those conducted by others (community, neighborhood)

Level 4: every ARH Competence member has its routine sport and art activity, individually and in group and enjoy that activity.

Level 5: every ARH Competence member has its routine sport and art activity, individually and in group and enjoy that activity. We also achieve some championship at school, community and being acknowledge by surrounding that we are good at sport and art activity.

Chandra said that perhaps the practices is not about sport and art activity but how youths spend they leisure time to some activity that ignite friendship, chat and in turn dialogue to foster ARH knowledge and understanding among youths at the community.

Seeing the level they identified I believe this is doable among them. Why? since they put enjoy as important part of this practices. This is not about obligation practices, its about spending their leisure time that suitable to community habit, principle and value to avoid youth having sex before married and making youth happy doing sport and art performing activity among lack of facility and less support from family and community.

I wander whether community believe that CLCP and SALT could foster these to ensure that youth reproductively healthy.

Wiwin from Indonesia

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Comment by Gaston on October 31, 2010 at 11:24pm
I do think that the use of sport activities can really open up and relax youth in talking about these things. Even in my own experience, I started sharing about these things with my friends I played sports with. For example an evening of playing soccer and afterwards discussing together as a group (without elderly) about these issues. Somehow everybody was relax and open to share.

I also think that sometimes when we open a discussion about an issue that hasn't been discussed as yet before out of fear, it can have a saddening effect. The first time I truly realized my own vulnerability because I heard friends talking about it, I went silent and I was a bit sad and fearful. It's sometimes the beginning of a process of consciousness about one's own behavior.


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