What do we have in common?

Before we (Nemo-group: Noemí, Amir, Birgitta and Margot) made our first SALT-visit we talked about what we would have in common with the people we were going to meet.

For me that is a very important ‘exercise’, because it takes me out of my head and brings me into my heart and feelings.

I like to share my experience about using the exercise ‘What do I have in common with’ in my everyday life.

Since March I have an assignment (as a program leader). The organisation that hired me is very peculiar and I had and have difficulties in finding my way. Now and then I got in the mood like ‘they don’t understand it’, ‘they are in the way of letting me do my job in time’ etc. That made my unsatisfied, grumpy or irritated.

The week after we did the exercise ‘what do I have in common with’ for the SALT-visit, I decided to do the same everyday with the people I was going to meet in my assignment. And the results were amazing!

I was far more relaxed, didn’t take things personally anymore, and I was able to ‘go with the flow’. In the ‘going with the flow’ is a parallel with what Birgitta said a few days ago: ‘The rhythm of the community is leading’.

Of course, I knew this all before (like the ideas of the Arbinger Institute*)), but that didn’t prevent me from falling into pitfalls.

 *) In short, the thoughts and ideas of the Arbinger Institute are about:

- When is my heart at war and when at peace?

- When I’m feeling better or lesser than others, or I ‘must be seen as’, or ‘I deserve’:  I’m in a box with them. In a situation like that, I can’t meet others on an equal level. The moment I recognize that I’m in a box, I can decide to step out of it. 

The funny thing is: I even gave trainings about this stuff! This all proofs that I’m still human, doesn’t it? Learning to be and stay aware, that is the key for me.

So the exercise ‘What do I have in common with’ is for me an important addition to my range of tools I use to live my everyday life. It is a short sentence and can easily be brought to mind. That turns out to be very powerful!

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Comment by khorchi laurie on November 23, 2017 at 6:13pm

Thank you Margot! I like this question and the power of it! I'll try out it from now!

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on November 18, 2017 at 11:12pm

What a powerful question and an equally powerful response from you Margot.Thanks for posting!


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