When people feel free to organize and express themselves... the way they want... results that come are always surprising.

I was amazed to hear an Association of the Visual Impaired People of Mozambique say "we succeeded with our community. We are so demanded to help our people their..". Attention to the words demanded to help! They have such a meaning that is very difficult here to describe. Just for quick getting together, because I believe I might have lost you, they are blind and normally seen as useless within their/our communities.

It looks maybe an invention from me just to Wright anything. And you might be right, for me either. However, today I heard peoples stories. People I always thought I could help them. People I could give them resources to act and do something to change their lives situation. But this wasn't my conclusion at end today. But that they have allot to teach me, and I need to discover that.

What could you do after hearing a woman with disabilities and economically very poor says "... I succeeded to solve my problem with neighbors. There is no more discrimination against me..." with such a brilliant and victorious smile on her face.

You know there were no big indictors and planning frameworks. No budgets, no means and even more, no projects staff. One thing was there, only one. The problem. How the problem was affecting them... That is what made them act. I'm sure about that. They got to know and of course dominate it the way they could better understand it. That was the key and path for the solution.

We have learnt to draw the big frameworks and, as we can't, they are so complicated for understanding of our target groups... They complicate understanding of the problem, consuming their time longer and longer...

What did I do to get access to such amazing results... Nothing more than paying a learning field visit.

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