the Great of the Greatest from Karnataka International SALT Visit

The Karnataka Interantional SALT Visit of October 2011 awakened us on the need to gather with partners. The simple way it was organised, with support of the Constellation Community, made it possible to materialise our dream of doing similar in Mozambique. I would call that process a lesson took home. Indeed, through what we've seen in Karnataka we came motivated and dedicated to organise a similar process. We consulted technical support from Constellation members, some of whom joined us in Mozambique, offering Mozambique people an opportunity to lively exchange lessons from field and learn from stories outside the boundaries. It also pushed us to definitely listen, appreciate and learn from those we are used to call them beneficiaries to establish communities where we have the same issue, different perspectives, different ways of dealing with it, but lots to get from each other.

We went beyond that. We did a link of organisation, community, family and person. this gave us a full picture of who is really member of our community,  thus, the realisation of a larger community. Wider opportunities to learn and to share, starting exactly from our operating field, where we use to go only to teach the poor beneficiaries.
We used to supervise activities of our partners and see if they are performing them as for planning frameworks. The learning visits we paid to Koppal community organisations gave us different glasses to see it. Indeed we've learnt to look beyond glasses, but mind, heart and skin. We do not simply see and compare, but we feel and enjoy.  It gave us more light on the complexities of the work of our partners and, thus be more flexible in planning and monitoring our work.
Working with our partners became more collaborative than it was before, as we had them as beneficiaries of our resources and technical training and they had simply to be accountable for it. The beneficiaries list was long and difficult to explain - we had CBOs as beneficiaries of our trainings and financial aid and from them those we called final, last, ultimate (all submitting terms) from communities. Today we all together form a unique community, that of learning and sharing. No more visit to beneficiaries, but communities. :)

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Comment by Ricardo Walters on April 23, 2012 at 9:58pm

Great reflections, Joao, as always.  Glad to hear that inspiration is still flowing so freely from Mozambique.  What are you up to these days?


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