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SALT's Effect on Kampong KB (Family Planning Village) - After Activity Reflection - Indonesia #part2

Four of the local facilitators attended after activity reflection on introducing SALT and CLCP on Kampong KB initiative. There were

1. Nurkomala Dewi who is good at inclusive education, family-based care and caring of children with disability.

2. Linda Yuliantini, she is very smart on communication and enthusiast on gender and waste maagement

3. Widad Farid Z, who is our champion on reproductive health (RH), advocacy on RH program design and costing 

4. my self.

Meanwhile Dewi, Dina, Daffa, Wita contributed distantly and Ridwan, Deyu, and Sila conduct internal meeting among them, and I am looking forward to learn from their reflection.

During the AAR, we learned that

1. dialog and participatory facilitation we used were convinced participants who used to be silent since most of the resource person of Kampong KB deployed a one-way teaching class.

2. when we identify problems as requested by FP Coordinator, participants identify more strengths and more potential of community. 

3. there was more invitation or I called "repeat order" to give more facilitation at other Kampong KB

4. we have multiple skilled facilitators who are enthusiasts of SALT and CLCP and able to stimulate attractive FP gathering or learning.

what we need to improve is that:

1. we have limited time allocation, one hour, that only allows us to initiate a very surficial part of SALT introduction. This meant that participants have no time to experience SALT and involved in deep and meaningful dialog.  I still convince FP coordinator to allocate time to my team to finish our facilitation and finish 6 step CLCP used at Kampong KB working group.

2. We need to involve FP coordinators, government officer,  who are person in charge on this Kampong KB fund.  We found that FP coordinator was simply played a role as an event organizer. SALTy talk with them as we did and we believed as the transfer of SALT and stimulate them to be able to take a lead on sustainable accompanied. 

3. We as a team need to develop theme-based facilitation material ad enlarge our link to more resource persons to ensure that each working group at Kampong KB been able to identify action needed as problems or challenges identified.

4. We formulate message of advocacy to district and provincial PF Board to program design and funding structure to ensure that every single facilitation contributes to meets Kampung KB dreams. 

We plan to conduct local learning sharing and we would like to invite relevant involved parties.  More sharing will come!.

Terima Kasih. 

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on August 16, 2019 at 5:17pm

You have done a thorough AER. Looking forward how you will execute it. Best wishes Wiwin!

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