SALT makes solutions of community problems, Community stimulates their vision, learn and link with others situations, and appreciate their efforts to solve any problems, transfer tricks to others.

#NCDs #diabetes #hypertension
Outreach worker from Catholic Health Foundation of India (CHAI) speaking about her experience of using Constellation's SALT and CLCP process on #NCDs #diabetes #hypertension. She works in Jhadol block, Udaipur district, Rajasthan. Initially she found SALT approach boring. Why were we being asked to look at strengths, listen to the patients and community?What was all this? But soon I found that this approach encouraged people to take action on their own. SALT is effective. We started listening to communities. Then people started what was going on in their lives.People started coming to our meetings, responding to issues. Thank you. (Asha Meghwal, Outreach worker, Block Jhadol in HealthRise project supported by Medtronic Foundation funded, implemented by Catholic Health Association of India (CHAI) in Udaipur, India. The HealthRise project is using SALT and CLCP for patient centred approach to Diabetes and hypertension.

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Comment by Marie Lamboray on September 27, 2019 at 3:59pm

« Au début, j’ai trouvé l’approche SALT ennuyeuse. Pourquoi nous demandait-on de mettre en évidence les forces, d'écouter les patients et la communauté ? C'était quoi tout ça ? Mais j’ai vite constaté que cette approche encourageait les gens à agir par eux-mêmes. SALT est efficace. Nous avons commencé à écouter les communautés alors les gens ont commencé à raconter ce qui se passait dans leur vie, à venir à nos réunions et à relever les défis. Merci. » Asha Meghwal


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