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I visited many families in Vashi village for salt activity. When I met many people, I realized that no matter how good the financial situation of the house is. Village people have a slightly different way of thinking. They think a lot about society, relatives, if girls are taught more, they will get married late, then relatives, neighbors will criticize them, so even if girls are smart, they don't allow them to get higher education, they get them married as soon as possible after 12th.

The women who live as daughters-in-law in Vashi village, aged between 32 and 45, have only one dream: to teach their daughters a lot and make them self-reliant. As the situation in Vashi village is going on, I think the situation will be the same for women in many villages. The reason for this is that women of this age did not get to learn more, because sometimes the economic conditions of a family is weaker, sometimes there were more siblings in one family, and at that time family members gave importance to boys' education more than girls. Because they think boys will continue to take care of the family but the girls get married and go to someone else's house, why spend money on girls' education? Even though they know that they are being treated unfairly, girls do not speak up because they are taught from childhood to do as their elders tell them to do. These women have to deal with the situation of suppressing their own dreams. They do not know how to raise their voice for their rights.

Today, the daughters of these women are 15 to 17 years old and they also dream about them that their daughters should learn a lot and become self-reliant, but they cannot tell this to their husband or any elder family member in the house. They also keep these things in mind. I have met many women through SALT and when I ask them about their dreams, they say that they want to teach my daughter to be self-reliant. They do not agree to marry her off at a young age. Because getting married at a young age ends all the desires and aspirations of girls and they start living someone else's dream and women are not able to express regret about it after marriage.

Since I started SALT in Vashi village, these women have now openly spoken to me about their dreams, their desires, because I have encouraged them through SALT, they are now firmly voicing their opinions in their homes as well. These women have only dreamed so far but through SALT I am making them realize what they have to do to make it come true. SALT is giving wings to the dreams of these women, and all these things women have told me.


  1.  As a woman and as a girl we can dream but we need someone who encourages us and recognizes our strength to fulfill it. We think that such a discussion should happen in our family.
  2.  Further we would like to meet you again and we would like to have a similar meeting in different places.

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Comment by Shahrukh Atpade on January 4, 2024 at 12:13pm

thank you marie Lamboeay

Comment by Marie Lamboray on March 7, 2023 at 5:37pm

Your last paragraph is a window opening to so much promises... Thank you, Shahrukh!

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