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People want to change; They needed encouragement

I visited a family in Vashi village, first I started talking to a woman and her daughter in that house. The lady of this house Vaishali (name changed) wanted to educate a lot but her wish could not be completed. Before marriage Vaishali's father’s financial condition was good, but her parents were orthodox and traditional, though they had money but they did not teach their girl. Because at that time people didn't think it was important to educate girls, when a girl reached the age of 16 years, there was a rush to get her married. People teasing the girls who were taking education. Vaishali was also married at the age of 17. 

Vaishali got married and her father did not give importance to education. Vaishali had a dream after marriage that she should learn by telling her husband but no one gave importance to Vaishali's education. Vaishali is sad that her education is stopped after marriage, but she dreams of teaching her daughter a lot and making her self-reliant. But she had never told this dream to her husband. Because her husband and all the people in the family were not so eager to educate the girls. But when I spoke to him through Salt, she told me her dream. She had never told that dream to anyone before. As we continued to talk, Vaishali's husband (Ramesh) came home.

After getting to know them, the next chat started. Then Ramesh also said that he had a dream that he wanted to teach his daughter a lot and to be brave. He said “I will not give her less education just because she is a girl, I will teach my daughter without discrimination between boys and girls.” Vaishali and her daughter were very happy and surprised to hear this because Ramesh had never told his dream before. Vaishali and her husband Ramesh both have the same dream but never shared it with each other. Because of Salt I went to their house and discussed it with them. Then they shared their feelings to me, then I asked him about their dream and he spoke freely. They had never shared their joys and sorrows in such a way living in a one house but it was possible because of SALT.


1. It is understood discussion in family is very necessary. Living in the same house, parents have the same dream about their daughter, but they do not know each other, Because they never talk to each other that way. They never express themselves in front of each other.

2. In all families we believe that people in the house should talk to each other.

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Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on January 30, 2023 at 6:47pm
Working with adolescents and youth is not enough for a transformative change
We need to build relationship between parents and children, family and neighbourhod approach. Thanks Koushalya and Shahrukh as you continue to teach me.

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