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One Year after #GLF2018 Bandung - Indonesia #1

This morning we sat together and shared what happens to us as individuals and the local support team after IndoCompetnec's "come-back debut".  Last year, with no prior experience attending previous GLF, Bandung's local team encourage our-selves to organize it.  We are thanking Dewi Rahmadania and all Global Support Team who were lending brains and hands to assist us. Lessons learned and achievements were celebrated and we keep this beautiful memory and experience deep inside us. Today we revisit our experiences and realized how meaningful GLF and SALT are influencing us. Some stories are as follow:

 - Daffa, 18 years old.  He said that GLF made him learned how to use relevant software to outline books, flyers, poster and other visibilities. He said that Wiwin asked so many things and make me awake so many nights.  He is taking a bachelor degree in architecture and realizes that these experiences make him easy to do his studies' assignment accordingly. At the same time, he said, that he read and learned the content of the publication that makes him understand IndoCompetence's work.  Additionally, he said that, during his involvement in stimulating youth groups at the Family Planning Village program in 2019,  he could cope with issues that youth faced on family planning and youth future orientation task.  he felt confident and be able to adjust the way of facilitation on "the last minutes" topic changes.

- Dina, a writer mom. She is a rising star among us.  She is writer of  7 novels and is managing her our indie publication.  She said that GLF opened my mind and it has been inspiring her on writing.  During GLF, she learned about different characters of people. She mentioned Laurie and been inspired by her. She learned from Laurie that dream can make everything possible.  Dina said that the power of dream leads her to her today, owner of the indie publication and become mentors of other mom-writer.  She said that I feel that I'm on my track and ready for a bigger dream. Salt is unfolding her writing talent. 

- Linda, we call her "manager" of IndoCompetence, the most talkative facilitator who is struggling very much practicing "listen" to her kids.  She said that GLF was a reunion with friends and such an intensive reconnection refrershing session on SALT and CLCP.  She believes that behavior changes at an individual level will impact wider impact on to close people around us. She shared that during her facilitation session on the Family Planning Village program, she simulated members to practice "listen" part of SALT and stimulate conversation among mothers with kids addicted on the gadget. She said that she herself was not so sure about her advice to audiences. ON the next day, a mother fulled of tears thanking her on her advice to talk with her grand-daughter and spend three hours conversation with the grand-daughter and the grand-daughter went to sleep earlier that used to be. This morning Linda said that she believes that SALT is not for others, it for ourselves practices in our daily life.  And she keeps herself learning to practices with her kids. 

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Comment by khorchi laurie on November 19, 2019 at 12:09pm

Thank you Dina, Wiwin and Team. 

I remember the GLF as if it was yesterday and the joy it bringed to me. I also felt inspired by Dina, and today the "Writting down words - an Healing process" sentence is in my mind and I'm commited to write my words as often as I can to let go, heal and grow! 

Lot of love to everyone in the team! 

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