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CLCP and SALT on the #1st Indonesian Aids Conference 2019

Widad and I were so impressed when Sis, head of Bandung City Aids's Commission shared on one satellite session at the conference about SALT and CLCP.  She shared that there was 8 community-based aids prevention and care group (WPA) trained and capacitated at 2018 and some of WPA keep working since they have a clear vision and action plan.

In the meantime, Eva, a family planning field worker, shared that she is cultivating a youth group at her village to reduce risky behavior that makes them vulnerable to being HIV infected. Using SALT as a way of thinking she and the youth group initiate an action plan that empowers youth using local potential on artwork, income generation activity as well as sport and literacy.

Linda, was the third speaker to share action research of using SALT and CLCP on the 13 family planning (FP) villages in Bandung City, where we promote the different approach of technical backstopping to the  FP villages.  As we were aware, as FP villages are selected based on vulnerability criteria, they used to be perceived as the beneficiary of the community development project and people come to delivery materials needed as we perceived that they no and have nothing to improve life and health status. Promoting SALT and CLCP, have proven to make people more enthusiastic to involve in the FP village work, to make their vision of better kampong comes true.  People more enthusiasm since they are seen as strengths, not targets or burdens of development.  

Widad made a debut to reconnect with the wife of Bandung Major and she is also one of the Indonesian Parliament Member, Ummi Oded,  and had a jovial conversation that afternoon, and Widad shared IndoCompetence's work on promoting SALT and CLCP on the respective community development area. Ummi Oded invited us to come and share more after the conversation. Widad also shared an online counselor's experience providing service to men-sex-men (MSM) youth using What's Up chat services under West Java Provincial Aids Commission work where I am assigned as the coordinator. 

On the community forum during the conference, I shared a conversation on the idea of being independent using our strengths and maximizing link among us to make communities works magnified. The Aids Commission made HIV-aids costing analysis and found that almost 90% of resources on the related HIV-aids initiative are donor-driven. As I said that we need to rely on human strengths that are everlasting than any donor support.  It is about time. We manage to meet after the conference and detailing our 2020 action to get community sustainability. In addition, among satellite session of the local government, IndoCompetence work on the FP village was cordially acknowledge at the provincial level, and we are remaining as a frontline partner of Provincial FP Board on this initiative. 

And this was the peak, What Makes Us Human was shared on the last satellite session. Even time allocation was so tight but the least audience understands the core message of the book. So sorry that Jean Louis was not able to say hello through Zoom to the audience. Reflection of the book was highlight by Mami Rully, a senior transgender we visited on the International Salt Visit Jogjakarta 2011, who confirmed that SALT is human virtue that we need adopt to make us respecting life and heterogeneity. Meanwhile, another audience asked whether the book can be presented chapter by chapter using vlog on youtube so it outreach more.

Prior to the conference, I shared AAR to Srikandi Pasundan, a transgender local NGO, on their management training meeting. Another invitation come from Mami Riri, Director Executive of Srikandi Pasundan, to have AAR been introduced to the local transgender communities to improve individual and group's management capacity.  

I feel so proud of IndoCompetence's work in 2019.  As we keep the spirit of #GLF018, we work to ensure that local response's sustainability takes place and we ready to transfer our experiences to the rest of the community in our setting and really looking forward to harvest more learning from the transfer. Thanks to all parties who made this wonderful year ended in a very satisfying tone. Terima Kasih!

 Lets rock 2020!. 


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Comment by Luc Barriere-Constantin on December 13, 2019 at 5:43pm


Congratulations for making the dissemination of the SALT/CLCP approach throughout this conference and in Indonesia. That's a critical endeavor and I am sure it will inspire others.  

I would like to have more information around the various presentations you mentioned: the community-based aids prevention and care group, the reduction of risky behavior for being HIV infected and the action research in 13 FP villages. Is it possible to have the data or information that have been presented? 

We are looking for good examples of documented changes, especially with regard to increase in testing or use of condoms, reduction of infections (incidence or prevalence, increase in FP uptake. Are such data available?  Or can we have data on increased in the demand for care and services following the implementation of SALT/CLCP?

Thank you in advance for whatever results (outcomes) you can provide that will strengthen our communication with external partners. 



Comment by Marie Lamboray on December 10, 2019 at 10:11am

Congratulations IndoCompetence!

Comment by Rituu B. Nanda on December 9, 2019 at 7:54pm

Your work and facilitation of CLCP and SALT in communities in Indonesia is filling me with energy all the way here in Delhi. Thanks to you and your team Wiwin.

Comment by Marlou on December 8, 2019 at 7:03pm

Wow. What a team! That is true rock and roll. Thank you all for the good work! 

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